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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DOW update - target reached - increase short positions

The DOW has finally reached our 11800 target and makes a daily 12 count today within a weekly 13 week as it tests the Bollinger and the trendline resistance. That is a perfect place to increase shorts as you build the position. Even ISE sentiments are back to perfect levels as the 10 day is around 150 again with the 50 day MA at 137 moving higher which is as bullish as it gets. The big trouble looms in a different market segment as bonds could not recover at all from their recent slump and signaling big trouble ahead - though as stocks turn down we first might see save heaven buying in bonds but the overall direction for bonds is down as well. We are entering the big finish drama as the Sun makes a trigon with the divorcing Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction for 1-3 days parallel with a benign Full Moon tomorrow (which is part of the Sun position) should mark this high. We still might see the banksters working their magic once again later ( after a correction of at least 7-8% - I rather think we get 2 legs down totaling 15%) as they want to sell us plenty of stocks like AIG before they dump the whole crap on whoever is greedy enough to buy the rally thereafter.

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