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Friday, August 14, 2009

Brainstorming Friday

1. Still wondering what happened to this 140 bil in treasuries found with 2 Japanese at the Italian border a few weeks back - that story was buried right the next day and never heard anything about it

2. Crazy things are going on ISEE options ratio (thats the netted one unlike CBOE just new buys are counted on the call and put side) around 250 usually that marks a high but it can be for a few days. That was also the number at the 666 low against all odds heavy call buyers (Goldman, JPM - just my guess) but we are not done yet. As I said earlier they will screw with the bears around 1000 SPX.

3. Economic data starts to deteriorate slowly ( even the fake numbers) again - cash for clunkers and the first buyer program producing a 'fume' of activity but that kills coming purchases do not create real new demand. Only this are tax sponsored hence people act on the illusion they get a benefit but that will not raise the consumption overall.

4. We really need an invasion from Mars to get change it seems - and people do not learn -
exact the same bullshit Japan did once again by the governments around the world. The Arabs and Chinese can not save the world with their sovereign funds as they rather do act not really smart - Qatar's purchase of VW is again a clear overpriced transaction.

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