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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday brainstorming

1. Somebody has to fire some Bloomberg Barbie's for false presentation or how perverse can statistics be put, brings things into wrong perspective. One of this ladies just said the biggest rally in 7 decades we are seeing right now - that is pretty much a typical way of screwing facts as they call anything that moves a drop or rally not to mention a fart some one makes is called a breaking news these days.
Journalism has been reduced to noise and propaganda - I saw 'Good night and good luck' a movie based on facts by G. Clooney this weekend - highly recommended. Its true they screwed whatever was left from Journalism to pure propaganda or distraction channels.

2 Another strange things which I noticed was the dramatic change of the ISEE put call statistics as on Friday close we had a ratio of 224 ( on 100 puts 224 calls were bought) this data which I copied into my post was changed to 122 yesterday - would like to know who screwed what here as that are dramatic numbers and or changes.

3. Yesterdays little sell off was exactly on the T-square of Mars to Uranus/Saturn which was a small taste of the things to come but as I stated earlier this will be just a little trap to screw around the bears and we are in expiration week. Nevertheless it showed that bulls are reluctant but also not able to keep up the chase for no little disturbance. Generally my hunch that Bloomberg works for Goldman gets stronger.

watch this Prechter clip he is catching the basic idea quite well of the things to come

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