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Monday, August 10, 2009

Some brainstorming

-1. Paul Krugman talks bullshit - Bernanke has done nothing good at no point but Summers is rather more dangerous. Only those 2 given Bernanke is the less evil guy but at the end of the day what we really need is 'tabula rasa' - a complete overhaul and cleansing of the system.

0. Goldman research was very bearish at the lows on all matters from earnings to markets over macro economics and they turned bullish and the highs in their official statement but the profits they make speaks of a complete different picture , if they had followed their own assessments they never could have made those profits?!

1. What a bullshit story again on Bloomi that Vol will rise 13% in Sep? If at all it rises 50% at least as the correction will take away 4-50 % of the profits made.

2. This cover story about Paulson calling Blankfein to often ?- that's even neither the tip of the iceberg nor funny - they should ask NSA for all calls starting from Rubin to Dudley including Thain and some other Goldman's up to Paulson and do not forget to include Geithner and Bernanke. I have no doubt that the results would be shocking.

3. Too many problems with this Goldman penetration of DC why does Obama hesitate to make any comment or rather call an investigation - as he took the effort and time to speak about police officers arresting the Harvard prof. - seems to be out of line.

3. What is Secretary Clinton doing she shows up at the least crucial spots on the planet to do what? - while her husband travels to N. Korea to free some 'reporters' from the Al Gore network?

4. August is in the final stage of the 5 month euphoria which will come to a sudden end soon but before we need to get markets a bit higher so Goldman can lock in the profits with JP Morgan and Barclays (Lehman).


Short-Term Geocosmics

Prepare yourself. We are about to enter one of the most potentially explosive geocosmic time bands of the year. Starting this Monday, August 10, and lasting through August 26, there will be nine important geocosmic signatures occurring, with no more than four calendar days separating any two consecutive ones. This is known as a “geocosmic cluster.” But this one is not just any geocosmic cluster. This one contains three powerful Level One geocosmic signatures. As reported in “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Vol. 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles,” Level One signatures have the highest historical correlation to primary cycles from which the longest and most severe reversals tend to follow. But it goes even beyond that, because these Level One signatures involve the explosive planets Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

You may remember from previous columns that any time there is a cluster of signatures involving these three planets in any combination, the possibility of very large price swings is great. On Friday, August 14, the very important Sun-Jupiter opposition takes place. Historically this aspect has a 75% correlation to primary or greater cycles within ten trading days. And 50% of the time, it is a 50-week or greater cycle. We are in that time band now, and the market is making a new high for the 50-week cycle. On Monday, August 17, the Sun will then be in opposition to Neptune, another Level One signature with a 74% correlation to primary or greater cycles within 13 trading days. The passage of Mars in opposition to both Jupiter and Neptune is known as a “translation” to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Then, on Tuesday, August 18, the Sun will form a waxing square to Uranus. This powerful signature has a 76% correlation to primary or greater cycles within 9 trading days. It will also mark the end of the Sun’s “translation” to the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which began Monday, August 10. But note that Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are present during this cluster, especially August 14-18. This could get interesting.

The significance of these signatures is apt to show up in mundane matters too. Although we never know what types of events to expect from Uranus (it rules surprises), we do know that earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds and storms, as well as terrorist strikes, airplane disasters, and electrical outages have happened before under similar configurations. This is not a time to take risks by placing oneself in dangerous situations. This is a very explosive time, when one is advised to error on the side of caution. On the positive side, it is also a time of great innovative ideas designed to benefit the masses. However, the attempts to launch these ideas tend to be pre-mature. It may be the right idea, but the wrong time.

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