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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brainstorming Monday - part 1

1. First of all a perfect start into the week with a gap and a rescue package for Greece on Full Moon opposing Jupiter (blown up hopes for rescue) - bringing a little climax to this final leg up as expected. Another factor adding to this gap higher top pattern is the Venus - Uranus conjunction on the 3rd plus that the Bradley Siderograph gives a turning point on the 1st March.
We have a battery of Seq weekly 12 counts per last week adding to the evidence that a crucial top is about to unfold within the next 2 weeks (rather a 60/40 chance for current week) as we also are close to our target at 1120/5 SPX.


The major geocosmic signature present this week is Venus conjunct Uranus on Wednesday, March 3. This is a Level 1 geocosmic signature, according to studies presented in “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles.” It has a 72% historical rate of frequency to primary or greater cycles within an orb of 12 trading days. It is not likely to be a primary cycle crest, as it is too early for that to happen if this is a new primary cycle. But it could coincide with a primary cycle trough if it is an older primary cycle. You will know this is the case if the DJIA starts to break back below 10,000.

But Financial Astrology is not so simple as to depend upon only one isolated signature. We should also consider that after it conjuncts Venus, it will then make an opposition to Saturn on March 9, thus bringing into play the larger Saturn-Uranus opposition. Venus-Saturn in conjunction is also a Level 1 signature, which a 71% historical rate of frequency to primary or greater cycles within 13 trading days.

And it doesn’t end there either. Two trading days later on March 11, Venus will square Pluto, yet another Level 1 signature. This one has a 68% correlation to primary or greater cycles within 9 trading days. Basically what we have is Venus translating the forthcoming Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square, or the “Cardinal Climax” set up. For those who have been reading this column for many months, or even years, you know that powerful but rare astrological set up peaks in 2010. It hasn’t happened since 1930-1931. We can anticipate that the market climate of March 3-11 will provide a glimpse of the issues the world is struggling with under this momentous Cardinal Climax.

But even then it doesn’t end, for the transiting Sun will then make the same aspects to the same Cardinal Climax planets March 17-25. That is, the Sun will first conjunct Uranus, then make an opposition to Saturn, followed by a square to Pluto. Now you can see why March is setting up to be the most explosive month of this new year so far.

2. Sentiment still neutral to slightly negative from a contrarian point of view as also Put / Call activity is still Put biased and Rydex still bearish.


High bullish readings in the Consensus stock index or in the Market Vane stock index usually are signs of Market tops; low ones, market bottoms.

Last Week2 Weeks Ago.3 Weeks Ago
Consensus Index

Consensus Bullish Sentiment53%51%56%
Source: Consensus Inc., P.O. Box 520526,Independence, Mo.
Historical data available at (800) 383-1441.
AAII Index



Source: American Association of Individual Investors,
625 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60611 (312) 280-0170.
Market Vane

Bullish Consensus51%53%50%
Source: Market Vane, P.O. Box 90490,
Pasadena, CA 91109 (626) 395-7436.
FC Market Sentiment

Source: First Coverage 260 Franklin St., Suite 900
Boston, MA 02110-3112 (617) 303-0180.
FC Market Sentiment is a proprietary indicator derived from actionable sell-side trade ideas sent by the sell-side to their buy-side clients over the First Coverage platform. Over 1,000 institutional sales people at more than 250 firms participate on the First Coverage platform and have contributed hundreds of thousands of ideas since inception. Each Idea is associated with a ticker or sector and is tagged bullish or bearish by the creator. This data is aggregated at the sector, industry and market level. The FC Market Sentiment score ranges from 0-100 (0=most bearish, 50=neutral, and 100=most bullish) and represents a completely objective, real-time view into what advice the sell-side is providing to their buy-side clients

Citigroup Panic/Euphoria Model
Market Sentiment

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