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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some thoughts beside the daily action

1. A sentence only a fool can say and disqualifies Geithner from any position of responsibility

Geithner Says U.S. Will ‘Never’ Lose Its Aaa Debt Rating

America under regular circumstances would have lost its AAA last year but in hindsight of history wher
e every big empire has failed at some point - not only lost a pathetic AAA its more than unwise to say such words.

This pathetic PR book of Paulson wher
e he is full of praises for Geithner and Bernanke is a cheap propaganda piece far from any reality as the facts are to obvious that Goldman and some others stole big money from taypayers with the help of these men. They still do as zero interest does not heal anything as Japan has clearly proven in 20 years.

2. This little PR trick of Blankfein to have him paid just the humble sum of 9 mio for arranging the backdoor bailout of Goldman through Paulson and Bernanke is the least we can pay a man who is doing Gods work. Since we just learned this weekend that Goldman also helped Greece to create some Enronesque swap trades over 10 bil to hide some debt and even create more credit lines before their scandal appeared.
Goldman are like Jedi's fighting for the freedom of the Universe - stop probably its rather the other way round and they are the knights for the dark side.
These days its hard to discriminate good and evil with catholic monks raping little kids and CIA arranges that kids are abused and raped in Iraq and Afganistan - or was it the former President (Moshe Katsaw) of Israel raping/harassing his secretaries or rather Berlusconi arranging 'eyes wild shut' orgies. Now I got it it was the French secretary of culture ( Frederic Mitterand who admitted in his book that having fun with slave boys in Thailand was such a sweet thing to have. That is a wide spread disease which has captured all countries with all kind of different social or cultural background and does not stop at any religion. Islamic countries are as much involved as any other religion or social structure - capitalism or communism has been abused for the few ones to gain pr
ivileges to cater their selfish or even evil needs of power and abundance.
Moral and ethics seem to have dropped to an Armageddon level as corrupt politicians help oligarchs to rob all nations and turn Mainstreet into slave level functions. The last 20 years the so called middle class has been robbed in the rich countries by and wealth has been 'distributed' to the 1-5% richest - we have fallen back into the dark middle-ages where a handful of kings and their lords just took what ever pleased them from the commoners.

3. The fact that Sarah Palin tries to take advantage of the Tea-party movement is scaring to say the least but I have faith that people have grown smart enough to see opportunists - this is anyway not a matter of the person Obama as he is exchangable and just a tool used by the Rothschild / Rockefeller gang as would have been any republican President. DC in general is rotten as is the supreme court and the executive was a cheap place to bribe to start with. More than just voting to get better tax rates is required to live up to real democracy and symbolically the Saints from New Orleans have won the Bowl - miracles are possible if you have faith and go the extra-mile or as one famous coach put it once - 'work through the pain'.

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