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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brainstorming Thursday - part 1

1. One day left for this month with only moderate gains after a reversal last month, does pretty much confirm the reversal. Only one aspect might complicate the move as the sentiment numbers are rather neutral we still need a little upswing to get a bit more positive and early march should do the trick. the economic numbers allthough massaged are back on deterioration momentum as the effect of stimulus are fading away. The overall bullish investors for 2010 might start to capitulate soon as they see that the market has lost its momentum and we can expect the next earnings season to be rather disappointing with the stronger dollar. The Obama admin has clearly failed on all fronts and especially have not offered any remedy so far just patchwork and thrown trillions at Wallstreet.

2. About one and a half year ago I assumed the Reps would let win Obama on purpose as he would be overwhelmed with the tasks but back than I also assumed Obama might try to solve issues which he clearly did not do. my idea was that they were aiming to get control back on mid-term elections. well the result is the same but obama never tried to solve any issues in reference to the crisis just throwing money around but basically to the wrong side of the fence. the problem is that people are fed up with both sides of the corrupt DC establishment rightfully. Americans and Mainstreet around the world has been robbed for 20 years now and the thieves are even getting more feisty as they do not hide it anymore. revolutionary momentum is building and the only way to distract the people from hanging the thieves is to create a war for destraction and enrichment which is an alternative getting closer on a daily basis and the trigger points are ready to be activated. Before that they obviously buy some more time by printing money for Mainstreet which should start around mid year close enough to the elections to have some effect and Britain will rather be the first idea of how things are headed. Anyway Obama is scared enough to wear 12ooo Dollar bullet proof shirts the piece and as I mentioned in earlier posts as I heard from an insider that on the G7/8 meetings one year ago they were discussing as top priority what to do in case of revolution and uprise of the people and Emanuel has even prepared to establish concentration camps within the USA.


Meet Obama's bodyman: The White House 'Chief of Stuff' who caters to the President's every whim

By Sharon Churcher and Caroline Graham
Last updated at 1:01 AM on 25th January 2009

’s first guests at the White House couldn’t have missed him.

Crammed into a tiny cubicle just outside the door of the Oval Office sat Reggie Love, a 6ft 5in, 18-stone, shaven-headed, muscle-packed, former American football player.

Though the man is fast, athletic and tough - he can bench press 350lb and played both basketball and American football at Varsity level - he is not one of the new President’s official bodyguards.

Reggie Love
Reggie Love

Heavy duty: Reggie Love, President Obama's bodyman, lugs bags to a car and, right, on the campaign trail

And though he has a degree in political science from one of America’s finest institutions, the blue chip Duke University, he is not a policy adviser.

Yet Reggie, a charismatic and immaculately dressed 26-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina, spends more time with Mr Obama than anyone else - even the First Lady, . For he is the President’s ‘bodyman’.

The bodyman is a curiously American political appointment, dating back to the first U.S. president George Washington, who paid his assistant Tobias Lear £250 a year to act as valet, secretary, bodyguard and general factotum.

The personal protection role has long been assumed by the highly-trained bodyguards of the Secret Service but, ever since Washington, every President has employed a trusted personal aide who caters for his every whim.

The role remained a little-known political tradition until the inner workings of the White House were dramatised in the TV drama The West Wing, where the handsome and dapper bodyman Charlie Young, played by Dulé Hill, was always at the right hand of fictional President Josiah Bartlet.

Reggie Love

Obama and Reggie with another aide in the campaign aircraft

Like Young, Love is expected to shadow the President at all times, rarely straying more than a body length away from him during his waking hours.

It is Reggie who holds Mr Obama’s BlackBerry, dials the numbers on his mobile phone, briefs the White House chef on what the President would like for lunch and what he would like to drink.

Every time Mr Obama leaves for a meeting, Reggie hands him his suit jacket and dabs any spots on his tie with a stain removal pen.

Until Reggie Love, bodymen tended to be regarded as glorified butlers, hired for their self-effacing manners and efficiency at managing their employers’ schedules.

Their most public job was handing out souvenir cufflinks engraved with the Presidential seal to White House visitors.

But Mr Obama promises to be a different kind of President - with a different kind of

Reggie, who even the notably cool Mr Obama acknowledges is super-cool, has a suitably pithy phrase for his role. He is the White House Chief of Stuff.

Reggie Love
Reggie Love

Brotherly love: Reggie sticks close to Obama as they take to the streets

He will make sure the Oval Office kitchen is stocked with the President’s favourite energy snacks - including handmade milk chocolates from Fran’s Chocolates in Seattle, peanuts and raisins, roasted almonds and pistachios and chocolate roasted peanut bars.

He always has a pack of the President’s favourite chewing gum - Dentyne Ice - and dispenses nicotine gum. (Mr Obama is a secret smoker with a penchant for Marlboro cigarettes but promised Michelle he would quit if he ran for the White House.)

And he’ll always have a pen and notepad.

Reggie, who joined the Obama staff two years ago as a £20,000-a-year post room assistant and now earns around £75,000, works at least 18 hours a day.

He is up at dawn, bellowing instructions to the President as they go through a gruelling early-morning work-out.

Mr Obama also likes to play impromptu games of basketball and his bodyman, who was captain of the Varsity side at Duke, is always on his team.

Throughout the day, Reggie will constantly be on hand. He will make sure Mr Obama has a copy of his briefing notes or the latest version of his speech. He will also make sure the President knows who he is shaking hands with.

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