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Friday, March 12, 2010

dow update - still defcon 1 - not firing yet

We keep building the short position slowly but we need a brief spike next week in or o trigger the weekly 13 for the VIX and to complete the TRANS 13 as well. The Dow has completed the mission but can still make a brief spike to the 1070-800 as the Trans needs to make a bit of upside. The SPX made it up to 1163 in the 2003 march to 2004 march rally so the 1150 is not that ultimate point as some make it - actually a divergence would be a perfect top. Next week we kick off with a very volatile New Moon which should be not positive as usual since it is in opposition to Saturn - after we did not have the negative bias with a stationary Mars overruling the Venus effects and a little help from the Rothschild boys. we have to watch carefully for the next 1-2 days to see if and where to get more aggressive depends mostly on the VIX who managed to close at the weeks low almost which is good for our case.

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