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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SOX update - preparing for the final mini spike - DEFCON 1 still on

The Sox needs the final spike up to complete the 13 weekly count which should happen next week. the VIX has already completed its low and performs accordingly but as expected the manipulators are keeping the market for the quarter end. Apple is the big booster of the Tech area as it keeps outpacing all expectations for even the new product launch the coming week which might give a little boost to the Semi sector coming week. For 1 or 2 exceptions all bull runs came to an end or substantial coorection period after month 12-13 thats where we are now entering April and we will see hardly earnings surprises in the upcoming report season and stocks are already expensive even counting in the cheating of banks who are about 25% of the earnings. SOX should start a severe correction in the370-80 area with a magnitude of 10-20% at least in the first wave down.

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