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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Brainstorming - part 1

1. Yesterdays bounce back up proved my point that we are in for a few sideways swings with a mild upside bias as we need to get lower on the VIX. Another reason is the big expiration this week with plenty puts outstanding Goldman and friends will stop them short of making profits. Another reason is window dressing towards month / quarter end as many funds and banks carrying big long positions will manufacture rather a close at the highs by then. This kind of manipulation techniques are tolerated by DC as they are borderline to say the least as many fee's depend on those phony levels and are nothing else but legal robbery.

2. The news that an attack on Iran are imminent even by the US are not really convincing but the Israel America theater is not convincing as well. I doubt that Obama wants to make political suicide by attacking Iran without having doctored a forceful reason. Only if America is attacked he could do so before the midterm elections. Even they are preparing such an incidence and can do it right after but that would be a very dangerous gamble as if not an event like 9/11 to convince the public they have no support from inside US but rather bring the whole middle east to become US foes . Plus Iran is not Syria who did nothing as they were attacked by Israel a few years ago - retaliation by Iran would be mandatory and the whole world economy would come to a standstill in this fragile economic situation. Plenty of terrorist attacks would occur and international trade would be frozen due to high alert levels for a long time. If the Rothschild gang however has an interest in triggering the next level of crisis already now it would come handy. I think they rather want to create some euphoria to unload their big long position on retail investors who actually are selling stock positions. More likely is an attack right after mid term and as I said before Q4 has a high probability for a war event in general.


Strategy And Tactics In The Iran-Israel Theater - How It Would Happen: A 114 Page Close Look

With Geoffrey Batt

In light of the the Herald of Scotland's discovery that massive US-originated armaments are headed for the middle east, it is relevant to evaluate the likely scenario of conflict that could and likely will transpire if the Israel-Iran situation were to escalate. For that we confer to an extended analysis prepared one year ago to the dot by the Center For Strategic and International Studies titled "Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities." While the entire presentation is fascinating, we bring your attention to slide 37, which classifies the specific required payloads for assorted tactical strikes focusing on Iranian nuclear infrastructure. And as the presentation concludes, an Iranian strike by Israel would be practically impossible without direct US involvement. Speaking of which, has anyone seen Robert Gates and Michael Mullen recently?

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