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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rothschild bribe of Palin was cheap - but did not succeed in taking over the Teaparty

It is a basic strategy of the Rothschild Rockefeller strategy to cover all bases and have people of their own choice to cover even the possible opposition to their strategy which is apparently the smartest way to keep control. Besides running most secret service operations - worst case they have still their own people in competing or hostile operations. Basically it did not matter if you voted for McCain or Obama though they rather had Obama in the ring for now as he can easily sell things like the health reform compared to other candidates. Obamas chief of staff Emanuel's father is a hard core zionist and he is very committed to Israel and a Rothschild protege as they had him paid incredible bonus of over 16 mio., as no banker rookie ever made that kind of money, even the top notch traders of Goldman hardly made that kind of bonus.


Emanuel made $16.2 million in his two-and-a-half-year stint as a banker,

They do not even hide their reigns and methods as Clinton and Greenspan were paid for their services right after leaving office with meaningless speeches for banks worth each per night around 250k - that way both gathered easily tens of millions within a few years - that is the modern way of legal bribe.

excerpt 2

Sarah Palin a "Discovery" of Jewish Rabbis

Of course, we are told over and over that the attractive and folksy Governor Sarah Palin came out of nowhere to be vice presidential timber. Baloney! The ambitious Palin was first "discovered" by Jewish rabbis in Alaska. They reported their find to their Israeli Mossad superiors, and, Presto!, Palin moved right up to the Governor’s suite. She promptly went over to Israel and was auditioned on Tel Aviv’s popular The Tamar Jonah Show, Israel’s equivalent of CNN’s The Larry King Show. The Israeli press dutifully reported that Ms. Palin was "The most pro-Zionist of all 50 of America’s governors."

The Chief Rabbi in Anchorage, Alaska, reported that Sarah Palin almost daily wore not an American flag pin, but an Israeli flag pin on her wardrobe. The Zionist authorities also boasted that the Jews’ national flag, the satanic six-pointed star, also decorated the curtains in her Governor’s office.

Impressed, the Israeli Mossad then sent American Jewish big shots like Connecticut’s Senator Joseph Lieberman, former Clinton advisor (now a paid Fox News "consultant") Dick Morris, and neocon journalist and Republican Party king-pin William Kristol (publisher, The Weekly Standard) over to Alaska on cruise ships and jets to audition her and check out her "Israel First" loyalty. The Zionist lobbying giant, the militant American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), also got into the act.

Only after all these Zionist werewolves gave their enthusiastic "Amen" was the inept Senator John McCain given instructions by Rothschild to invite her on the Republican ticket. The rest is history.

The very day that Sarah Palin spoke at the Republican Party nominating convention and gave that now famous speech with the clever line about putting lipstick on a pig, she had earlier met privately for almost three hours in her hotel suite with two Zionist power-brokers: Senator Joseph Lieberman and the head of AIPAC. Talk about putting lipstick on pigs!

Yes, the Zionist madmen chose her and made Ms. Palin a star. Now she’s a lucrative mouthpiece for the Rupert Murdoch, Zionist-controlled Fox TV News network and the rising star of the Tea Party. Maybe next she’ll become President of the United States.

Sarah Palin is a very special case. I find myself defending her against the unfair and unwarranted attacks on she and her family by vampirish left wing, liberal democrats. Palin also stands up for many traditional values and is even a member of the pro-second amendment NRA; so is Glenn Beck. Good for both of them on that accord. But, hold on. You can’t judge an elephant by the size of its trunk. Things are not always what they seem. As that catchy, old tune by Joe South puts it, "Oh the games people play now...Never meaning what they say now."

Palin a Tool of the Zionist Overlords

The Republican liberals (they like to call themselves "moderates") in the McCain camp hated—and still despise—Ms. Palin, who, on the surface, seems far too conservative for their progressive values. They simply don’t get it. She’s a tool of the Zionist overlords, and their like or dislike for her has nothing to do with it. As long as she gushingly praises Israel, bows at the feet of "God’s Chosen," the Jews, and demands that the people of Iran and about a billion other Moslems ("enemies of Israel") either become compliant slaves of Zion, be exterminated or put away in U.S.-run torture camps, Palin will remain America’s "conservative" darling.

Woe to Palin, however, if she ever wakes up and smells the coffee. But, no worry, she’ll do whatever her Zionist "makers" tell her to do. Palin may not be the brightest bulb in America, but she knows which racial group is putting the icing on her cake. And it’s not the frozen Eskimos up in Alaska.

Sarah Palin, who wows her deluded fans by claiming to be a "rogue" and a "maverick," spoke recently at a gala Tea Party event in Tennessee, for which her booking agent had demanded—and she received—$100,000. Pretty good for less than a day’s work.

Now think about it. Do the little people—people like you and me—have that kind of moolah to pay Ms. Palin to gab at us for, say, 40 minutes or so? Absolutely not. But the Zionist big boys have that, and much more to boot.

Palin to McCain’s Rescue

Now, to turn the old Zionist sucker wheel one more complete revolution, let’s focus our attention on yet another locale where Palin is heading, this March in fact: Arizona. Seems that her old Zionist comrade-in-arms, John McCain, is having difficulty convincing Arizona’s angry voters to vote for him next November. Defeat at the polls is staring him in the face. The citizens are upset at McCain’s pandering to illegal aliens, his endorsement of most of the homosexual agenda, his voting the Wall Street bankers tens of billions, his membership in the globalist-oriented Council on Foreign Relations, and so forth.

To make electoral matters worse for McCain, his opponent in the Republican Party primary is popular former Congressman J. D. Hayworth, a stout conservative who is a supporter of the Tea Party.

To the rescue comes Tea Party rodeo sweetheart, Palin. She’ll be stomping the state of Arizona this month, touting her pal, McCain, as the best man for the job. He’s good for Israel, and besides, Lord Jacob Rothschild over in Great Britain has endorsed his Zionist servant, McCain.

The loyal patriots in the rank and file of the Tea Party will no doubt be appalled to find out that their "conservative" heroine, the supposedly traditionalist, "rogue" Ms. Palin, is working to defeat a Tea Party conservative while helping win the election of a liberal establishment fat cat, John McCain, whom they loathe. Some might just correctly get the notion that they’ve been had. But, to the elite controllers, the rank and file of the Tea Party are just window dressing, gullible foot soldiers whom the elite consider so stupid they won’t even realize they’ve been betrayed.

So, let’s all connect the dots: Israel, the Jews, Fox News, CNN, Tea Party controllers, McCain, Palin, Beck. Hmmm! And I haven’t even mentioned a multitude of other Zionist shills hard at work stirring up and wooing the "angry" and fed-up masses—Scott Brown, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, ad infinitum.

Friends, the fix is in. Sad but true, the Tea Party is proving to be a prime property of the Zionist elite. They are endeavoring to pollute, water down and temper its pro-American constituency. The peoples’ anger is real, but their chosen vehicle, the Tea Party, will not provide solutions. It is doomed to be used for the ultimate betrayal of everything its most ardent supporters have worked so hard for.

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