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Friday, September 19, 2008

but now we have an indication about a possible inside information

If Goldman does not lose a fortune this quarter, which ends in November, they might have got the information upfront from ... There biggest call was to be short financials, hence they must get screwed with this insane ban on shorting financials (799).

This is like changing the rules of the game when you are already losing. Even kids get taught that this is not a way to deal with it, since kids have this defensive impulse, as we may all remember. That's exactly what this administration is doing in their desperation. They have no idea what they are doing. They killed the financial industry. Medium-term people will pull out money from America. The only reason why they were the biggest market place was because investors assumed fair play was mandatory and now they recognize it's not. As soon as the Harvard boys lose, they start to change the rules. Plus, all the talk about their sophistication is now ridiculed - they cannot face the music.

This is an indication that America comes to an end as a superpower. The world will change in the coming years in a dramatic way - that's what astrology tells us - and we can observe right now the ongoing process. The cancer has reached the industrial complex and the upcoming earnings season might be disastrou

Hedge Funds can only have lost money on average big time in this market moves so the colateral damage to the US financial industry is substantial and irresponsible. The overall situation is that the government has made a inappropiate market manipulation by supporting a the ones who caused the problem on behalf of taxpayers.

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