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Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr P. step down - most harmful person for taxpayer and investors ever

Paulson, you must have seen the "Dark Knight" and got it all wrong. You are not the Joker. You do not need to do the unexpected and create chaos, nor to burn all the money. I just heard him in an interview and he should not be so upbeat. He helped to destroy the US financial system and, as a speaker from CNBC put it, "he acted as if Goldman got into distress".

Paulson, a maximum protection for taxpayers is for you to retreat from the scene - you are not good for anyone so far but yourself (he saved hundreds of millions in taxes by taking this office).

Saving LEH would have avoided this in the first place and now many competitors of Goldman are gone? That's a conflict of interest nobody seems to care about. Why was it good enough that Hedge Funds could buy all the markets up to insane levels and now where they bring it back to fair value its not good anymore? He was supposed to introduce free market philosophy. I urge that a committee examines what positions Goldman took yesterday. I remember the day before the sudden rate cut of Bernanke (again on a Friday) - Goldman had bought an unusual amount of calls on the OEX the prior day and made a killing on that deal. That's an issue for a prosecution, if we have any repetition of that 'coincidence'.

The pathetic stupid part is that they now finaly have to take on the toxix stuff of Leh in one or the other way anyway - so why not doing that directly. Only two explanations Even co come to my mind complete incompetence or by purpose.? Bernanke did almost the same thing with Bear Stearns first he categorically ruled out a lending facility to Brokers just to turn around 3 days later after the fall to do it. Looks like a pattern to me and its enoying to read this propaganda like cheers in some media for the rescue of the world by this gentlemen. All four need to be fired, Mc Cain missed some names on his list their obscure but by any means unefficient approach to the matter has cost trillions already but its not that this gentlemen run the show on their own.

Its time for real democracy, go and challenge the people in charge they asked for their jobs deliberately so they need to act accordingly but first the people have to step up and urge them to act according to the rules and be taken responsible for violations. If you park your car wrong or overspeed the power of the government is upon you and punishs you. When this guys wreck the nation they even get cheered up - we are living in a nightmare and nobody admits it. Thats the first step before things can be changed to admit whats wrong and to commit yourself for the good of all. Thats what democracy is about not to vote for a guy once in 4 years who promises lowere taxes.

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