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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mr Fuld does not get it - oil close to a upwave

Oil is 2 lower closes away from end of wave A around 100. Slowly the selling pressure is vanishing and the fonds who needed to get out are done it seems. Initialy we should get up to 120 within 4 weeks the final target though is around 130 more exact numbers can be calculated as soon as with a low in place. So far we are close to a 50% retracement at 100.

Mr. Fuld brought forward a desperate nothing he even activated a profit of 1,4 Bil in profits on his own outstanding debt that is legal but reckless overstating his financial situation by all inappropriate measures. If he realy has the good of the stockholders at heart step down this WE Mr. Fuld as you can see at your stockprice you have no credit whatsoever.

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