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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Outrageous - the Bush admin. had over a year to figure it out

It is unbelievable. They (the Bush administration) do not even admit to have made mistakes and now, one year later suddenly $1-2 tril. have to be spent, that is 20% of the outstanding debt of the USA that has to be paid overnight on back of the taxpayer. They had all the time in the world and, as I write, Mr. Bush says this needs to be done in order to have a “good” bailout. He should be prosecuted for inappropriate execution of office. Now they put pressure on the Congress to get their “ideal” bailout pushed through.

I would have bailed out all of the companies, including LEH, and asked for a bill, which takes a reverse penalty on all CEO's wrecking companies with irresponsible leverage and risk. Hence, the bonus money would have to be returned to the company from the management. Secondly, why was it ever possible to have a 30+ times leverage? Mr. Cox needs to be fired and even prosecuted and Mr. Greenspan was the architect of this deregulation process. That is a separate but not to be neglected issue. Someone needs to be severely punished and that should not be the taxpayer from Main Street.

Bernanke had to urge or even force the banks to make equivalent capital raising moves, thereby being transparent to shareholders. He supported (along with Cox) FALSE STATEMENTS MADE TO THE PUPLIC by leaving them the freedom to be unfaithful. He had one year to do so and now on September 23, it is suddenly urgent. Doctor Bernanke, to make an intransparent bailout we have to take the time it takes. I think markets can wait a few days and, as I know astrology, the bailout under Mercury retrograde will be a bad one. Looking from the distance, these events are to be read in history books. The current administration will be blamed for leading the country and the world into a depression and are responsible for the biggest asset destruction in history. The next government (who ever it is) will just be under fire and trouble shooting with no chance to stop it. A historical event has been triggered and we are still in the early stages, unfortunately.

Markets are and will also drop because people will pull out money in any case since markets are valued too high by 50%. Some people know that but do not say so, since unwinding hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars takes time and they want to sell on high levels. The bailout will not change the indices from going down.

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