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Monday, September 22, 2008

a principle point on this blog

I started to write this blog, since I have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience over the last 22 years in this field and want to share my insights. Even if it may sound not exactly humble, my hit-rate in making market calls is far above average. Just read back the performance on this blogs and you might get an idea of that. Why do I say that? The idea behind my blog is to guide you with your investments and give you some information outside the mainstream point of view (as well as for me to blow off some steam by communicating to other professionals in this business).

Markets are not fair and are basically manipulated against most claims. One obvious example, you always see market moves but find no news or reason behind it until days later you find out what might have moved it. This is also true for the most professional people in the market, only a small elite has access to this information and will never share it, since it's basically illegal to do so.

When human greed and urge for power is the main source and motivation of actions, people do not care about rules. They are basically made to keep a disadvantage on the other players anyway.

So what I am trying to help to do is to create a source which gives everybody back a winning edge, since some analytical tools are beyond the influence of manipulating forces, which are only possible to a certain degree. Technical analysis, sentiment and astrological patterns are a powerful source as an advisor to help making good decisions. Put on top of that your common sense and make the effort to think it through yourself – regardless of what the media is trying to sell to you - and you have a good chance to be ahead of the curve.

Since I will commit more and more time to this going forward and already do the more intensive analytical part, I am considering to generate some income, since this type of in-depth analytical interpretation of events takes quite some time to write, edit and post. So in one way or another, I will have to change the access to this blog with either a fee for a membership or by putting up adverts.

What I would appreciate hearing is your feedback on what parts of this blog you find most valuable and would like to have in more explicit detail. My idea is to create a technical area and a macro area.

Thank you in advance for your effort and feedback and I hope you could all benefit from and enjoy reading the posts.

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