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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brainstorming Wednesday - part 1

1. yesterdays almost 7 percent upside crash in the sox is exactly what the stars say as we have a once in 84 years pattern jupiter and uranus in aries and for the last 2 days in a 120 degree to venus whichh gave the whole market a positive spin.
it is a bit hard to put things into perspective as we have a combination of things playing out right now which are contradicting at extremes in their function. the above mentioned pattern was part of the roaring twenties and triggered a big rally in 1927 which only ended badly in 1929 at the same time we have the grand cross forming which was active 1931 which activated the biggest part of the crash back then which will be activated on the 26th june the first time and heated up through the summer literally.
that are the market impacts and the downside is the stronger force after all since the valuation is high and fundamentals around the world in erosion only corrupt governments around the world keep lying and are puppets for the secret rulers who are robbing the middle class again with fabricated statistics. the impact of the stars is beyond the financial markets and will do a lot of harm in weather terms especially matters of flooding, earthquakes and social unrest as the frustration about the corrupt elitists will be overwhelming.
it also gives a chance for real change - not the one obama promised and never kept in good tradition of DC but once people could try to vote for real people not dems or reps who have the biggest TV budgets - democracy in front of your propaganda screen does not work - except for the puppet masters who have plenty of money to spend for their chosen ones.


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