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Thursday, June 10, 2010

EURO update

The EURO has build a short term low within forming a bigger low formation which might not be complete yet. After a huge media coverage of the EURO death we rather can be sure we are still far away from such an event. the Rothschilds have invested a fortune and made one installing this Trojan Horse called the EU which is rather a vehicle for their NWO as they try to transfer the power to Brussel which is by far the most corrupt organization ever invented. I wrote already last that the US government would allow for a crisis outside to happen to bolster the Dollar temporarily in order to be able to sell 2 tril of net new US bonds and the European banks were in trouble anyway so to hook up the EU taxpayer to an European TARP version this crisis was fabricated none of the facts are really new but the propaganda producing mass media hyped this topic in the usual way
to prepare taypayers for the next robbery. Well in real terms USA is even more bankrupt than the EU and the fair level is rather not parity as most pundits claim these days. the technical picture is that the first leg down had a magnitude of 37 points and so far we only made 34 in wave C. we might extend the next 3 months to 1.14 but for now at 1.1850 a short term bottom is established and a retest of 1.27 is the target we should be looking for but before that we should retest the 1.1850 after we reached 1.21 before a bigger surge is in the cards.

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