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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

part 3

6. Shall we be scared goldman can calculate head and shoulder patterns - the evergreen bull is gettin more and more bearish within its overall bullish dichotomy


Cold Shoulder: Goldman Warns If 1,040 Is Taken Out In S&P, 865 Is Next Stop

Here is why the entire Liberty 33 trading desk is set on preventing a break of 1,040 in the S&P - as Goldman's trading desk technician John Noyce warns, the next stop in the head and shoulders formation, should 1040 be taken out, would be 865, not to mention a complete rout for global teleprompter stocks post the mid-term elections.

7. Disgusting DC makes the final watering down of the FIN REG charade - do you remember the tom hanks joke about lawyers in one of his movies - what are 1000 politicians chained together at the ground of the sea? A good start


Government Betrays Americans Again, Prepares To Drop Bank Levy To Win Support For Fin Reg

Goldman off to the races as 3 reports confirm that the captured and bribed congressmen and senators are about to drop the $19 billion bank levy in order to win the support of Scott Brown and others who demand that banks gradually lose every expense item from their P&L over time, and have revenue translate to net income.We anticipate more such 11:59th hour horsetrading, as the entire already worthless bill is reduced to one ply toilet paper for Wall Street's CEOs.

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