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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Middle East changing fast and furious

Obama is loosing grip on all frontiers and showing that he is not only a rookie but also has an inccompetent Clinton team around him which does apparently not work for the people of America.
That he tout.ed his horn for economic achievements is either a sign how moronic they are or think the people are. Everyone can see that nothing but bailing out the fat cats (banksters) from Wallstreet has been achieved although the banks are in real terms still bankrupt. Well the more dangerous aspect short term is that with plenty Zionists running DC the balance of the middle east has shifted dramatically and DC has lost control to say the least. The new alliance of Turkey,Iran, Syria and Palestina is a dangerous mix for the fragile equilibrium Israel tried to establish for their benefit with the help of their brothers in DC. A Turkish PM calling Israel a terrorist government is close to declaring war but is rather a gamble to present Turkey as the new leader of the region. One should keep in mind that Israel pulls many strings around the Middle East and one of them is organizing and sponsoring the PKK together with the CIA - which is a well known fact in Turkey and suddenly they strike back in a bold way and take away the thunder and impact. Apparently the connection proves to be right as the PKK has intensified attacks on Turkish troops since the hijacking by the Israel commandos and detaining 400 Turkish citizens.
A dramatic shift of power and frontiers is messing up well laid plans of DC or is the deployment of a hidden agenda but in any case drifting towards a major confrontation. America can not afford to be dragged deeper into this as there will be no good way out but more so no good way in as the troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan have no good reason to be here other than to make money for plutocrat interests like the oil departments of Rockefeller and Rothschild who are major sponsors of Israel as well.
The mid term elections will be a disaster for Obama and his rockstar start into his DC adventure will come to a sobering end as they will loose at least one house and be a lame duck admin after November. On the other hand almost all DC or for that respect global governments are rotten with a breed of people established by the puppet-masters who are having one of their executive arms gather this weekend in Spain at the famous Bilderberger meeting.
The Middle east is very likely the place there the next WW may be ignited and that might happen very soon as all Israel war drums are preparing for a strike against Iran but the outcome may be unpleasant on a global scale as the economies are to fragile to survive such an impact but due to the huge debt that is exactly what some puppet masters are going for.
As one of the masonic mantras is that chaos creates order - the NWO they have in mind.

excerpt 1
Israeli craft box in Rachel Corrie, Erdogen threatens to send Turkish navy
DEBKAfile Special Report June 5, 2010, 10:07 AM (GMT+02:00)

Tags: Israel Rachel Corrie Turkish PM US

Won't be deflected from challenging Gaza blockade

An Israeli military spokeswoman early Saturday, June 5, denied reports that troops had boarded the Irish-flagged Rachel Corrie as it headed for Gaza to challenge Israel's determination to preserve its naval blockade against Hamas-ruled Gaza. "At this minute, there's no takeover," she said cautiously as the incident approached a climax. Minutes later, the ship failed to respond to a call from Israeli naval craft to turn round and head for Ashdod.

Other reports said the ship was still on course shadowed by three vessels. According to a third account, Israeli naval ships had boxed in the pro-Hamas campaign vessel 60 km at sea to prevent it docking in Gaza Port.
Turkish security sources quoted Prime Minister Recep Erdogan as preparing to go beyond abusive rhetoric against Israel and considering using his navy to break Israel's siege of Gaza - or even sailing aboard the next flotilla to break the blockade in person on the assumption that Israel would not dare stop him.
According to debkafile's sources in Ankara, the Obama administration is in contact with the Turkish PM and trying to cool him down.
Mike Hammer, spokesman of the National Security Council, urged the Irish boat to sail to Ashdod and deliver materials for Gaza there in the interests of avoiding a confrontation and protecting their own safety and the safe transmission of assistance to the people of Gaza.
Regarding the Gaza blockade, he said "the current arrangements are unsustainable and must be changed." The US is working urgently with Israel, the Palestinian Authority and other international partners," he said, "to develop new procedures for delivering more goods and assistances to Gaza while preventing the importation of weapons."

But for now, the US official called on all parties to act responsibly.
Friday night, Rachel Corrie's 20 passengers rejected a deal reached between the Israeli and Irish governments for UN and Irish officials to attend Israel's inspection of the cargo before sending it overland to the Gaza Strip, insisting on sailing straight to Gaza and delivering the materials themselves. They were also unresponsive to an earlier Israeli offer by Foreign Ministry Director-General Yossie Gal inviting the activists on board the Rachel Corrie to accompany the shipment to the Gaza border.
"We will cooperate with the UN and international organizations in order to ensure that all of the cargo is put to the use of Gaza's citizens," said the Israeli official.
In Washington, Turkish ambassador Namik Tan said his government would break relations with Israel unless it apologized for the commando raid on its flotilla for Gaza which left 9 activists dead after they attacked the troops. In Ankara, prime minster Recep Erdogan said Friday, June 4: "I do not think Hamas is a terrorist organization. They are Palestinians in resistance, fighting for their own land."
Switching from Turkish to Hebrew and English he quoted the Ten Commandments back at Israel saying: Thou shalt not kill."

excerpt 2
Mossad chief: Obama's perceived military "softness" weakens Israel
DEBKAfile Special Report June 1, 2010, 7:16 PM (GMT+02:00)

Tags: Mossad Director US-Israel

Mossad Director Meir Dagan

In a rare public expression of concern, Meir Dagan, head of Israel's Mossad external security service, warned Tuesday, June 1, that the progressive decline of American strength over the past decade and the perception of the Obama administration as "soft on military options for solving disputes" have cut deep into Israel's military and diplomatic maneuverability and made it fair game for its enemies. This is reported by debkafile's intelligence and political sources.
Dagan presented the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee with this evaluation 24 hours after Israeli Navy boarding parties prevented vessels sailing the Mediterranean from achieving their object of breaking the Gaza blockade. As the UN Security Council's condemned the loss of life in that raid, the Mossad chief said Barack Obama's first year as president was a period of "devaluation" for "Israeli and American strategic assets."

Dagan's uncharacteristic bluntness was a measure of the anxiety gripping Israel's security leaders over the slump in US-Israel relations.

He timed his cutting observations for the day Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was to have held talks in White House with President Obama. Although that meeting was cancelled and Netanyahu cut short his trip to return home and deal with the crisis over the flotilla incident, the Mossad Director decided that what he had to say was important enough to be said and aired without delay.

The Obama-Netanyahu meeting had been scheduled as a high point in President Obama's charm offensive for mending his ties with Israel and American Jewish leaders, Dagan noted. By speaking out now, he hoped they would be warned not to be taken in by Obama's smiles and understand that his attitude toward the Israeli government had not changed in any fundamental way.
America's ability to generate situation-changing measures in any part of the world was in decline and this weakness reflects directly and negatively on Israel's strategic situation. debkafile notes that by this remark, Dagan indirectly disputed the administration's National Security Strategy report published in Washington five days ago.
This comment also placed him in the middle of the internal political debate in Israel. Whereas opposition factions maintain the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians and other neighbours is stalled by Netanyahu's allegedly hard-line positions, the Mossad chief puts it in a different perspective: Whatever the prime minister may do and whichever policy he may pursue, in Dagan's view he is stuck with the endemic weakness stemming from American weakness and the Obama administration's waning support for Israel.
He warned the lawmakers that the current US administration is in the process of making of Israel "a liability instead of an asset." The US president, said the Mossad chief, seriously considered forcing Israel to accept a dictated peace formula. He only backed off when he saw that this tactic would not produce a peace accord. But that was "only a tactical retreat," said Dagan.
"Let's see what steps the Americans take in the future, especially after the midterm congressional elections in November," he said, because, while an imposed peace is only a last resort and not (the Obama administration's) preferred option, it is still on the table and a whip he is holding over the heads of both parties.
The Mossad chief concluded by saying: "Such events (a decision to resort to an imposed peace) could career out of control and lead (US-Israel relations) into extreme situations."

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