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Friday, June 18, 2010

SPX update

If were a bull I would be scared since one inevitable pattern will manifest within the next 2 weeks approx. the death cross as the 50 day MA will cross the 200 MA.
Plus we are building apparently a head and shoulder top with the right shoulder about to be finalized.
On top of that after a brief positive astro event series we are heading for an ultimate negative mega pattern which will be around for some time earmarked by a lunar eclipse.
well for whom that is not sufficent the fundamental situation is deteriorating and geopolitical trigger events are just a matter of time until they will happen with the biggest global debt crisis in the human history - at least the one we know about. all the morons in the MSM who are paid to support the biggest ponzi scheme in history come up with phony statistics about PE ratios who are not the same they were years back as they get more and more diluted do not consider the macro picture which is even worse than the one around the big depression. back then neither Japan nor America were bankrupt they had almost no debt at all. actually when you draw a thick line below all capitalist countries you will see one similar pattern - the countries are in deep debt actually bankrupting debt and a few are very rich - which means by all mathematical terms those debt has been transferred to them as credit. putting it even more simple a cabal has organized the biggest robbery in a century stealing trillions from mainstreet.
Many assets the middle class owns are just paper profit - just try and give the order to liquidate stocks from the funds you own worth 5 trillion today which are on paper worth 1116 SPX - you easily end up with an SPX of 600 today at market close if at all. The real net sellers and buyers are gone 70 percent of daily volume are churning HFTs with no economic value at all.

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