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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Must read

Are Earthquakes Increasing?

By Susan L. (Los Angeles, CA) for viewzone

Living in an earthquake zone makes a person a little jumpy when it seems like there are more and more earthquakes these days. Just this year we have experienced the deadly Haiti, Chili, and the Mexicali quakes, as well as many other devastating quakes all over the world.

I am put at ease with news pieces such as the one below, that tell us that we are not experiencing anything out of the ordinary [click image to read original story]. Whew!

But when you live in a danger zone, you really want to be extra sure, so after the Mexicali quake happened, I started doing some of my own research, just in case. I poured over the USGS site to see for myself if there was anything to worry about. Below we see a graph of all magnitude 8 and above earthquakes since 1900.

I noticed right away that earthquakes are not randomly spread out but tend to cluster. Something is going on at around 1960, including the 2 largest quakes in history, and then there's a quiet period, before things start ramping up again into the 2000s. What if those quakes were part of a larger and more dangerous trend? I had to find out.

It was at about this time that I stumbled on the work of Susan Seymour Hedke, at Hedke had been puttering in astrology and wanted to see if there was an astrological explanation for the devastating December 2004 Indonesia earthquake and tsunami.

Hedke found an interesting planetary alignment that day, but it did not really explain the ferocity of this event. Then she started thinking about the Mayan Prophecy and thought there might be a connection. She learned that the Mayans were tracking the day that the sun would rise through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. (The Mayans may not have known that's what it was -- but they did know that it was an important an ominous place in the sky.)

Galactic Alignment

Below is a view of our solar system as seen from the center of the galaxy. We are floating around within the plane of the galaxy about 120 light years above the middle of the plane and 26,000 light years from the center of the galaxy. But other bodies in space are pulling the solar system from different directions, which causes the whole system to wobble around with a period of about 26,000 years, known as a Great Year.

On the Mayan Calendar end date of 12/21/12, the disk of the solar system will be flat (or at least nearly flat) as seen from the galactic center, with the Earth on the far side of the Sun. At this time, there will be an alignment of the Earth, Sun and Galactic center, at the completion of the Procession of the Equinox.

Back to our story. With this new knowledge, Hedke decided to treat the Galactic Center (or GC) as another planet on her charts. In doing so, she realized that not only was the 2004 Indonesia event explained much better, but also many other disasters throughout history, including Shaanxi in 1556 -- the most deadly earthquake of all time, the eruption of Krakatau, and even the 9/11 terrorist attack. But for now let's stick with earthquakes.

According to Hedke, the worst disasters tend to happen when the planets (or other bodies, like the Sun or the Moon) form a T-square around the Earth, with one planet on either side of the Earth (opposed to each other) and a third at 90 degrees to one side. This configuration is illustrated in the figure below.

Here I show a T-square with the Sun and the Moon in opposition, squaring Saturn, with the Earth in the middle. In this location across from the Sun, the Moon would be full.

The more bodies that play a role in the T-square, the worse the predicted outcome. The GC is located between Sagittarius and Scorpio in the sky, a fixed position in our system, while the other heavenly bodies are constantly moving around.

In Hedke's book, The Galactic Center 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in December, she demonstrates that the Sun and Pluto were near (conjunct) the GC on December 26, 2004, and opposite the full moon, and with Saturn and Chiron forming a cross, an even more dangerous configuration than a T-square. Hedke goes on to chart the worst disasters in history, with similar results.

Hedke claims that as we near the Mayan end date, earthquakes will intensify. She predicts that 2010 will lead to a record number of magnitude 6 and over quakes.

Hedke talks about the danger of full Moons a lot, so I wanted to see if there was anything to that. A full Moon puts the Moon opposed to the Sun, and a new Moon has them conjunct. Below I examine every magnitude 8 and above earthquake since 2000. For each quake, how far was it from the full or new Moon? Since the Moon has a 28-day cycle, being 7 days from the full or new Moon would put it half way between either, and would thus be anti-correlated.

What we see from this plot is that the larger the earthquake, the more correlated it is with the full or new Moon, with full Moon being more dangerous. Of the 14 quakes examined, 2 happened on a full Moon, and 4 more happened within 1 day of a full or new Moon.

Wikipedia lists all magnitude 8.5 and over earthquake ever recorded:

Hedke's research reveals that Pluto's motions relative to the GC have a remarkable effect on earthquake activity.

"Earthquakes are especially severe when supported by an aspect from Pluto or from one of the other more outer bodies."
Pluto's last conjunction with the GC was causal factor in the 8.7 Lisbon earthquake of 1755. Pluto opposed the GC in 1906 when San Francisco, Chile and Columbia all suffered devastating quakes, as well as Ecuador, with an 8.8. In the mid-1960s as Pluto squared the GC, we saw many of the largest quakes on record, including the second largest quake, Alaska 9.2 in 1964, Peru 8.4 in 1964, and Rat Island 8.5 in 1965. Pluto has just entered a conjunction with the GC where it will remain for 7 years.

The GC serves to magnify the impact of the events it plays a role in. As the plane of the Solar System continues to flatten, the influence of the GC will increase.

Hedke warns us that Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are currently moving into a Holy Cross position with Jupiter and Uranus opposing Saturn, squared by Pluto conjoining the GC. This alignment occurs only twice each Great Year cycle and will prove dire in the coming months and years, as the positions of both the Sun and Moon potentially threaten the Earth every time the planets of the Holy Cross are conjoined or opposed.

On June 26 2010, the full Moon will conjoin with Pluto and the GC while opposing the Sun, as shown below:

This could be a particularly dangerous day for us Earthlings, especially those living in the "Danger Zones" of 90 degrees longitude (both East and West), and the equator. But this is only one of several possible bad days -- especially in the last half of June -- as there are many factors to consider. [above image from with permission]

The good news in all of this is that if we know what to expect and when, we can be ready for it. Hedke's prediction page at is highly advised. Keep checking as she updates it often. [above image from with permission]

What I have presented here is just a small sample of the secrets Hedke has unlocked. In mathematics and engineering, we are always looking for what is called "the elegant solution" -- the method that solves a complex problem in a simple and concise way. Hedke has found the ultimate elegant solution to understanding and predicting the worst disasters, and it is written in the heavens for us to read.

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