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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

part 2

3. Corrupt DC has washed down to bank reform to zero or an Obama hoax - that is why they make this big fuss about BP I guess as they use it to distract the public from the fact that nothing is done. what is 20 bil from BP good for after they allowed banksters to steal trillions still counting. The biggest terrorists sit in the senat and the house of represantatives together with wallstreet as they have wiped out what real people have worked for through their lifetime since then all is finished and done stocks will not be worth a lot and bonds have negative interest rates now for over 2 decades - people are loosing money on every single day and the last frontier real estate has not found a bottom and if you put it against real inflation the math will look shocking anyway. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Schumer have done a great job fooling the American people and deserve their the hall of shame appointments fully.

excerpt 1

Barney Frank Once Again Sides With Bernanke, Announces Proposed Fed Audit Will Be Materially Curbed

Barney Frank has released the House "offer" language on various issues to be discussed tomorrow during the House-Senate Conference Committee, which will convene at 11am in Rayburn Room 2128. While some of the items on the docket relating to Investor Protection and Executive Compensation, are largely irrelevant, Barney will also discuss such critical issues as the Fed Audit, the Fed's emergency lending power, and Foreign FX swaps. Ignoring that 80% of the S population demand an end to fed secrecy, the just released proposed language also appears to peddle exclusively to Bernanke and his Wall Street superiors, in that items under debate for the audit will not include monetary policy, and it will be America's sad fate to extinguish under a 0% interest rate, never knowing how such lunacy can have come to be, until such time as the banking system blows itself up once again. This way the American public will never know whether someone like Goldman Sachs (in addition to Jerome Kerviel) has had any influence in determining monetary policy.

excerpt 2

TBTFs Remain Immune From Reform, There Is "No Way To Break Them Up" When Need Arises

When (not if) the need arises to dismantle the TBTFs, full of noncashflow producing loans, the next time around we have a Flashiest Crash, we will have no way to do so, despite the widely propagandized Obama FinReg reform. These are the words of Obama's right shoulder man Paul Volcker, who on William Isaac's program earlier noted that proposed legislation is "not going to prevent the top five banks from being saved." In that sense, the primary goal of Obama's attempt to overhaul financial regulations: the prevention of taxpayer bailouts when banks implode, is a miserable failure, yet it will not stop countless hours of self-congratulatory, teleprompterized appearances by the president, the Congressman from Fannie Mae and the Senator from Countrywide. In other news, the bankers win again, and nothing changes. Next up: how to get bank leverage to 100x all over again, without alerting the general public that next (if not this) year's bonuses will be once again fully funded by the US middle class.

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