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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Berkshire - The big hype around Mr Buffett

Many people make a big fuss about Mr Buffett but reality is that you may follow his words but stay away from his actions - even that does not work as he called the bottom around 1000 SPX and his biggest investment were banks both were only saved by the extraordinary manipulation efforts of the government and trillions of taxpayer money thrown at the banks - actually the chart of his A class share does proof his poor investment choices as it underperforms the SPX. All the hype in the media shows again how desperately they sell lies and the move to split the B shares 50 : 1 and the likely integration into the SPX 500 are the final moves to trump up his stock price. Interesting is probably the fact that he himself only owns 25 % of Berkshire at current stage which is the lowest level down from mid 40ies. This stock is doomed to go down to the lows and even make new ones as will the SPX.

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