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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brainstorming wednesday - part 1

1. why do they still have this davos charade - it should be changed to tel aviv than most participants can see family member s during the breaks and confess their sins to the Rabbi and the ladies in Israel are anyway much prettier.

2. barney frank that rotten corrupt ... bank lobbyist says any reform as proposed by the volcker rule would be watered down and implemented over a time span of 3-5 years - such an approach would not make it over the mid term elections mr president - democrats still loose majority. Probably its just a distraction from the bonus pays who are happening as we speak. when obama made the phony clap on volckers arm as they presented the 'rule' it was clear that he makes another snake oil salesman pitch.

3 the price action of the last days is very clearly pointing to more downside and as ı had said earlier that goldman the stock would be an indicator for the whole market it has reached the 200 day ma as should the market in a few weeks.

4. ı love aapl products but the hype around the tablet, especially priced above 600$ it will not be a big contributor, occurs strange to me. it will not be such a quantum leap as the ipod and iphone were.. ıt will be a headache for the kindle though but its a niche product not a blockbuster.

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