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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

part 2

5. The ASTRO event I highlighted a year ago was Jupiters entry of Aquarius which would make Tech outperform - which it did. This week Jupiter leaves Aquarius for good to enter Pisces which is good for the global spirit as good faith will be a healer for the hardship the T-Square in cardinal signs will bring by Saturn Pluto and Uranus 8 Last time we had that was around the big depression in 1930/1. Jupiter in Pisces will very likely accelerate inflation and keep crude oil and other liquid products rising. Tomorrows stationary of Saturn in almost exact square to Pluto is reflected already by today's markets as they confirm the top building price action. Nasdaq made a lower low after a new high in a short time context but still it confirms the assumption that the market has run its course.

6. After Google was not smart enough to price it phone on a competitive base against Apple - Apple leaks the launch of generation 4 shortly with superior features which will steal all thunder and stop possible buyers. To outsmart Steve they have to come up with much better strategies - now it will be interesting to see how Steve will launch the tablet especially on a pricing scale as the latest rumors put it close to 1000 $, which I rather doubt as it would not be smart it needs to be between iphone and the cheapest notebooks putting it rather in the 600 $ price tag range.

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