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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brainstorming Tuesday

1. Now they start to unveil the little lies to distract from the big ones

Greece condemned for falsifying data

greek flag with EU flag

Brussels says debt may be higher than previously claimed

2. The FED pays record profit from its MBS purchases where they were the only buyer and priced a market up to artifical heights and created Ponzi profits - its getting weird by the day and imagine the potential losses they must have as the buying spree of a trillion only generated roughly 40 billion in profits which is 4% - let them try to sell their position and the loss will be rather 200 bil. best case. This administration is even more evil than the prior one and cheating in all aspects as they did with the last unemployment numbers where over 600k were taken out of the equation - that is how the keep the official rate around 10 % although its rather around 20%.


Fed Posts Record Earnings From Fighting Financial Crisis

Federal Reserve banks paid a record $46.1 billion to the US Treasury in 2009 as aggressive bond purchases and lending to fight the financial crisis swelled its net income by nearly 47 percent to a record $52.1 billion.

The Fed's payment to the Treasury represents an increase of $14.4 billion over its 2008 contribution and was the largest since the U.S. central bank was created in 1914.

The 12 Federal Reserve banks are required to transfer their profits to the Treasury after paying dividends to member banks and retaining some of their surplus. The largest previous payment to the Treasury was $34.6 billion in 2007.

From its total 2009 net income, the Fed paid dividends to member banks of $1.4 billion and kept $4.6 billion of earnings as paid-in capital.

The Fed said much of its income, $46.1 billion, came from its open-market buying of U.S. Treasury debt, Fannie Mae [FNM 1.12 -0.04 (-3.45%) ] and Freddie Mac [FRE 1.42 -0.04 (-2.74%) ] debt, mortgage bonds and other securities.

The bond buying program, which helped swell the Fed's balance sheet to over $2 trillion, was aimed at holding down interest rates to spark an economic recovery.

3. CIA or Mossad did it again ? Obama is starting to turn up the heat for Iran and things might get out of control soon as the revolution within Iran (very likely supported by Mossad and CIA ) and this kind of special event tactics might trigger retaliation as Ahmadineschad will fight back somehow.


From WORLD 12:05pm

Nuclear scientist dies in Tehran bomb attack

Iran blames 'Zionist elements and US mercenaries'

Excerpt 2

By Ladane Nasseri and Ali Sheikholeslami

Jan. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Iran said U.S. and Israeli spy agencies may have conspired with dissident Iranians to kill a nuclear scientist in a bomb attack today in Tehran.

Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, a professor of nuclear physics, was killed by a remote-controlled device planted on a motorcycle in front of his home in the Qeytarieh neighborhood, state-run Press TV said. The Kingdom Assembly of Iran, a political group that seeks to end Iran’s religious rule, took responsibility for the bombing in a statement, the state-run Fars news agency said.

“Signs of evil by the triangle of the Zionist regime, the U.S. and their mercenaries in Iran can be seen in this terrorist incident,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast was cited as saying by Fars. “Such terrorist acts and the elimination of the country’s nuclear scientists will certainly not halt the scientific and technological process.”

The U.S. and its allies accuse Iran of seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, while the Persian Gulf country says it wants the technology for peaceful purposes. State media didn’t say whether Ali-Mohammadi was involved in Iran’s nuclear program. The Iran Atomic Energy Organization spokesman, Ali Shirzadian, wasn’t immediately available for comment.

State television identified the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and Israel’s Mossad as having possible involvement. Press TV said the killing may be linked to Israel’s opposition to Iran’s nuclear development.

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