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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The bulls camp grows to extteme levels - which is unfortunately good for bears

I do not like to be a bear but its not a choice of taste as it is more facing the facts on the other hand at other times when I was a bull and people found my targets insane as well but they worked out. This communistic market manipulation the US government is now playing makes it a bit tougher for bears though as they drove markets to levels they might have not arrived otherwise and. Ironically one may say they achieved their second target to turn the market sentiment which will not work out for them if they had good intentions ( turning the economy around) - I am afraid that the situation might be a little more complex as the government is part of a conspiracy and I do not refer to the current one although they are a part of it as well but in a general sense all 3 entities of democracies are trueley corrupt nowadays and do work for the money elite which tries to take over the world and to put them into their NWO ( New World Order) to establish a society of priviledged ones and the others who work for them on disgraceful level (modern slavery).

Date Published Percent Bullish Percent Bearish
01/13 53.4 15.9
01/06 48.3 16.9
12/30 51.1 15.6
12/23 52.2 16.7
12/16 52.2 16.7
12/09 48.4 16.5
12/02 50 16.7
11/25 50.6 17.6
11/18 46.1 21.3
11/11 44.4 26.7
11/04 48.3 24.7
10/28 48.3 22.5
10/21 49.5 23.1
10/14 47.2 26.4
10/07 48.9 24.4
09/30 50.6 23.6
09/23 46.7 24.4
09/16 47.8 24.4
09/09 48.3 23.6
09/02 50.6 24.1

Excerpt 2
Most Bloomberg users were more optimistic on the outlook for their equity markets in the next six months. The MSCI World Index has surged 74 percent from last year’s low in March, adding more than $25.6 trillion to the global equity rally. The indexes showing expectations for stocks in Japan and the U.S. gained the most, according to the survey.

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