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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday brainstorming

1. Why is Conan O' Brian gettin more coverage than Haiti does - he gets a 40 mio farewell check and is a mediocre entertainer with a following of 2.5 mio who ..... cares. What happens to the 23% Americans unemployed as a mater of fact but denied by the corrupt DC puppets is the real news which no one cares to make public.

2. Exactly one year after his presidency started Obama get his first feedback on the bullshit he is pulling to the people with his obvious lies. He bailed out Wallstreet who made probably a trillion in bonuses in the lost decade while mainstreet lost trillions and stocks did not go anywhere - actually in real term inflation lost a huge fortune to the banksters and DC morons who got all richer from Clinton over Al Gore or Greenspan have made a killing while the people who they are supposed to work for got their wealth dilluted or destroyed ( quite the same).

3. Even Buffett has lost all decency as he talks more and more bullshit as he was one of the biggest beneficaries of the bailout - he just should shut up and retire as he lost all the grip and makes more and more poor decisions. Someone who praises Blankfein can rather be insane or evil any of this choices is not really graceful - Bloomberg propaganda gets worse on a daily basis - I quited watching CNBC anyway but even the pretty ladies on Bloomberg make it hardly bearable to listen to all this garbage they do spread every day.

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