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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

part 2

5. Its like a Mafia hearing Geithner and Paulson had nothing to do with it and know nothing about it attitude - they only saved us one gimmick by not saying the famous sentence ' not to my recollection' - who ever prepared them for this hearing has done a pathetic approach of defense but the more intriguing aspect is rather that both explicitly as they acted had taken care already that they could take that position - the had covered their asses.

6. The tablet is as I though just a big expensive iphone and will not be a blockuster - have not seen the price but the closer it is to 1000 the less it will sell
part 2
Steve was smart to price it at the right level without contract it starts at 629$ since it has an LED screen he will have lesser margin but enough margin for contribution and sell quite a few but the specs are not that spectacular as the speed and storage are limited at this version it can not kick ass of netbooks but compete with the highend ones but kindle will loose plenty potential buyers as one gets a kind of netbook plus a kindle experience with plenty of Iphone Apps it does smarts out many things one uses for travel. As it does not run leopard or windows it can not steal all the thunder from netbooks for people who need to run standard applications.

Prices start at 499 which is a very good starting point as it directly attacks the DX kindle with not a lot of storage space though and less battery power but you get the more sophisticated gadget and kindle will have to lower prices to compete. Although the 3g version costs 629 at Apple but one gets a far better system for your bucks as music films and surfing is value added.

7 Another hype of Goldman goes down the drain US steel crashes as did the Amzn Feb 140 call did never make profit and the VIX short recommendation blew into their face - people who still listen to their advice must be insane or get paid to do the wrong things.

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