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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday brainstorming - part 1

1. The price action so far confirms the weekly reversal pattern of last week and a weekly close below 1115 SPX is definetely a sell signal. Interestingly Obama himself seems to give markets buy and sell signals as he called the lows in March himself - I guess he had good reason as he knew that PPT would start a full blown bull campaign. That he nails Goldman and JPM with his Volcker rule around this levels is no surprise. Especially as retrogade Saturn will square again Pluto next week which is a harbinger of tougher rules to say the least. The cozy times for Wallstreet are over as the pressure will rise on a political scale exponentially going forward. By November this year anything can happen from revolution to wars as enough anger has been boiling and Mainstreet around the world pays for the cozy and undeserved life style of a few. The Volcker rule is a step into the right direction and I am surprised that even Marc Faber opposes them as he should now better. There is no market anymore in a free floating force of supply and demand - government is already manipulating the prices at unseen degree's and banks get a free ride to make profits - so far at least.

2. Haiti happened exactly the day Saturn went stationary and the second exact square of Saturn and Pluto in cardinal signs will bring more trouble as does the Lunar Eclipse combined with the Solar eclipse indicate some new tough regulations and something coming to an end in USA as the lunar eclipse was almost exactly on the Sun of the USA. We can expect til mid Feb a sharp correction in markets as the earnings season will be under a negative spin and valuation of markets will be reconsidered. On top the debt situation for some will get worse and we will hear about the PİİGS.

3. First time in many weeks that Bollingers on the south side gets tested in daily charts of SPX and NDX with overbought indicators that is a negative for bulls as said for the last days and 2 weeks the setup for a severe correction has been reached. A did the EURO reach its first target around 1.40 but the ultimate target remains at 1.30 for this move which itself is a negative for US stocks since a loıt of the profit margins for non Banks came from the currency gains in their non US bus. - like McDonalds will have a poor quarter as they loose a lot of foreign profits through the rising Dollar. We could get even monthly reversals if prices keep falling through next week ( likely).

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