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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brainstorming Thursday

1. The Geithner and Paulson hearing was ashame for Geithner who just repeated over and over again the same statements some moron trained them to say and he as much as Bernanke have failed in their jobs as it was their job to oversee the investment banks who screwed up big time with runner up Goldman. The only moment Geithner lost his path was as he had to name some Goldman's he hired like his chief of stuff or who was never mentioned yesterday the current president of the NY FED Dudley also ex Goldman partner worked under him responsible for capital markets.
Paulson denied he made 200 mio. as secretary in tax savings that's the downpay they aim for taking these jobs which are to their standards salary packages petty cash. Cramer also an ex Goldman claims Bernanke made everything right which is kind of pathetically stupid to say since Bernanke never saw it coming and did nothing a monkey could have done like putting interest rates to zero. Interesting though is the fact that Bernanke against the recommendation of his stuff demanded that AIG shall be bailed out and the stupid case that only 100% on the dollar could be payed is a stupid lie of all as its a matter of 5 minutes to say take 50 cents or get nothing and all banks would have agreed happily. Interesting was to see Clinton back up Bernanke with the argument that he claimed that B. has said that prior admins had installed a to lax oversight - kind of funny as he was the guy to cancel Glass Steagal.

2. Every Senator voting for Bernanke today is guilty of betrayal of the American people as this man has not lived up to the hyped duty of the FED chairman - which is owned by private banks and is not an agency of the USA as many may believe. He works for Rockefeller's and friends and has used his office to produce tens of billions of profits for banks on behalf of taxpayers. He betrays the American people with this bullshit inflation game and even more so with stealing wealth by issuing negative interest rates for the whole period he was chairman. The same is true for Greenspan who got paid of handsomely in a 'legal' way for his betrayal for pathetic speeches at banks with 250k price tags for one speech.

3. Economic numbers are clearly turning south again as the stimulus packages are loosing their impact and 23% without a job or full time job and over 25% negative equity on mortgage the economy cannot recover. DC buys time and pumps up the numbers but the fact is that the titanic has hit the iceberg. The only thing left to do before starting a war is hyperinflating by throwing money at Mainstreet in the way it was done for Wallstreet.

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