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Friday, January 29, 2010

How paulson, geithner and bernanke with dudley coned the American taxpayer

First they (Rockefeller/ Rothschild gang) initiated the charade with TARP but as they saw that they had to give accountable information on how TARP would buy those toxic assets from which bank at what price they decided COP ( change of plans). The FED could do that secretly and uncontrolled and would not have to mark them according to any decent market rules. So they paid money out of TARP to banks as cash aid ( which they used to play along with loading up the yield curve trades) and ordered the FED to buy all the toxic garbage which they even could do in much bigger size than TARP would ever been able to - right now its more than double the amount MBS and Agencies amount to roughly 1.8 tril at the FED ( see chart below). Banks did unload big parts of their toxic assets at overvalued prices thats how thet managed to create trading gains ( just one of them) and the taxpayer is siting on roughly 2 tril garbage which even the FED claims it made a record profit on as they are the only buyer and mark prices to bubble levels but contain huge losses in reality. The biggest theft in history of mankind keeps on marching as the banksters even make profits by throwing their losses to taxpayers with everyone watching them - DC knows what is going on and let them do it.


The Federal Reserve's balance sheet hit a new all time record of $2.273 Trillion in assets, after a $13 billion increase in MBS and Agency purchases week over week.

  • Securities held outright: $1,913 billion (an increase of $67 billion MoM, resulting from $64 billion increase in MBS and $3 billion in Agency Debt), or a $7 billion increase sequentially.
  • Net borrowings: $165 billion. Number for the January 28th week has not been updated.
  • Float, liquidity swaps, Maiden Lane and other assets: $196 billion. The CPFF program was was at $11.2 billion, another fresh all time low. FX liquidity swaps declined by $1.075 billion to practically 0. Maiden Lane I and Maiden Lane II were at $26.8 and $15.4 billion, while Maiden Lane III continues pretending it has value and came at $22.5 billion.

Foreign holdings declined by $7.5 billion to $2,925 billion.

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