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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brainstorming Tuesday

1. Obama supporting Bernanke - both did not live up to their duties - fire both and with them at least 90 % of all DC professionals.

2. AIG was bankrupt and the government not legally obliged to bail them out. The CDS counterparts would have got something in 2-4 years worth probably 30-50 cents on the Dollar. Hence offering all 50 cents on the dollar on a take it or nothing basis all would have taken it, there was never a need to bailout the Investment banks by the taxpayer with 100 cents on the Dollar. Any 6 year old from Bangolore can tell you that even 6 year old Buffett selling sixpacks to his friends for a premium new that.

3. Barron's pushing Goldman stocks yesterday has an amazing poor performance even Cramer looks like a genius compared to them. Goldman remains a short until the 135/40 region is reached and that's the conservative play.

4. No banker deserves an bonus - in the lost decade for investors they were the only ones who made money but ironically their stockholders lost money as did their clients. That stinks to the skies no one else would get away with poor performance other than MBA's - who are a legalized theft license it seems. They have even made so bad deals that they killed the goose which laid their golden eggs as without the 10 tril bailout all shops would be closed - that is a sign of maximum stupidity. The society i,s not less moronic as a Dick Fuld or Paulson sit their with hundreds of stolen millions instead of being in prison because law has nothing to do with justice.

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