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Thursday, April 22, 2010

AAPL update

Apple makes a higher blow out high than I thought but due to the last earnings it is still not really expensive compared to Amazon its rather cheap. Only that the unwanted disposal of the next generation Iphone will be harmful as it is a big improvement to the recent model and many potential buyers will rather wait for the new model - same is true for the Ipod touch with a double as good new screen just to give one sample. Still we have reached lofty levels which could even extend to 275/80 before a bigger correction starts to the 200 level as a first level. They have a great pipeline of products and stealing market share but the limits for further growth are set by technical experience since I have a hard time watching movies close to a TV experience on PC kind of devices with an internet which does not deliver the appropriate speed and undisturbed flow of data.

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