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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brainstorming Wednesday - part 1

1. The more I look into the astro scenario ahead the more I come to the conclusion that we will have kind of a crash this summer as we have 2 sets of very negative patterns occuring one is very rare as it happened last time around 1930 ( as I have expalained a few times) plus we have a negative 150 degree situation of Saturn with Chiron and Neptun at the same time which is around the end of Q2 and start of Q3. This pattern will not only have an huge impact on markets alone it will effect us on a global scale and all matters of life as it also happens in the cardinal signs. Hence all the lies and fairytales told to you right now through the mass media (propaganda machinery) it will be rather the opposite. Part of it could be a war like event but that can happen on plenty occassions in the second half of the year as we have a few iconic patterns coming up which carry an usual high potential for a breakout of a war.

2. This Greenspan must be insane to come up with such pathetic lies as he claims noone saw the subprime crisis coming hence the FED can not be blamed - wonder if he never got Goldman research ( which is kind of ─▒ronic or how did Hedge Fund manager make over 30 bil in profits just to give 2 prominent eamples out of probably 3-4 dozen I know of.
Furthermore this moronic madmen with a hubris which might even be bigger than his EGO claims he was right 70 % of the time - this criminal Rockefeller puppet was a bank lobbyist working for JP Morgan before he became chair of the FED and has never stopped working for his masters interests. The world ows the lost decade to him besides some other fellows under him the deregulation of banks was accomplished and the insane leverages of Wallstreet implemented. Not to mention the Gold fraud and some other instances of wrecking the mainstreet like starting the INFLATION fraud as he helped to introdruce the criminal baskets to calculate them far too low plus emphasizing that only core inflation was important besides his pathetic FED model to evaluate stock prices.

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