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Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama needs to take a stance and take resposibilty for his plenty mistakes he keeps making on Goldman

A shame day also for Obama and Buffett who praised Goldman and especially Blankfein and soon we should also have Dimon on the radar. The emails of Tourr the Goldman salesman who was in charge of those CDO's are very revealing by themselves as he clearly expects for good reason a crash in the housing market as did Mr Hatzius the US economist ( that makes the Paulson Greenspan and Bernanke's claims that no one expected such a development very obscure to say the least).
Goldman will be sued for billions and settle for billions in the future and make Blankfein the most expensive and CEO - the 130 mio bonus he grabbed the last 3 years- are the least in that calculation. Mr Paulson , the hedge fund manager also will run into trouble as he was made the same way Soros was made ( I assume both are executives of Rothschild and / or Rockefeller ) but work with those guys to set up profitable trades which are prearranged
Goldman even makes money with the aftermath of their own fraud by selling around the highs of today by obviously knowing the SEC will bring their stock and market down - they were big sellers of S&P futures - they are real devils.

Talk From The Pits: Goldman Sold 1,000 Large S&Ps

Goldman sold 1,000 big SP today over 1,200.00. Was it just a hedge because they KNEW the SEC would do nail them to the cross? Is that insider trading? Who knows how many tens of thousands they sold in the ES?

Look For Gold Selloff If Paulson Needs To Shore Up Liquidity On Negative PR

AIG Surging On Market Expectations Insurer Will Have Legal Claim Against Goldman

Have Legal Claim Against Goldman

Just Because We Are Spam...

From the tip box: "guess what site got conveniently blocked @ GS today...that's right, ZH." Thank you Goldman for proving we were right all along. In retaliation, Zero Hedge has blocked the entire Goldman IP universe: -

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