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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some thoughts on parallels between 1930 and now

Bernanke as an 'expert' on the big depression claimed a few times that not the stock crash of 1929 caused the depression but rather the collapse of an European bank, he referrs to the Creditanstalt in Austria which was what a surprise a 100% Rothschild bank. You have to keep in mind that back those days Austria /Hungary was quite an empire and covered a huge area until WW2 with a huge economic and political influence.

excerpt ( only in German unfortunately)

Der Gründung der Creditanstalt ging die Gründung eines Bankhauses in Wien durch Salomon Meyer Freiherr von Rothschild im Jahre 1820 voraus. Dessen Bank hatte maßgeblichen Anteil an der Finanzierung von Industrialisierungsprojekten in Österreich. So finanzierte das Kreditinstitut beispielsweise den Ausbau der Nordbahn ab 1830, die Fabrikation von Eisenbahnschienen und den Bau von Kokshochöfen. Neben guten Beziehungen zum damaligen Staatskanzler Clemens Fürst Metternich und seinem Mitarbeiter Friedrich von Gentz hielt die Bank auch den böhmischen und westungarischen Adel als große Kreditnehmer.

Aus dieser Bank ging die k. k. privilegierte Österreichische Credit-Anstalt für Handel und Gewerbe hervor, die am 31. Oktober 1855 von Anselm Salomon Freiherr von Rothschild gegründet wurde. Diese Wirtschaftsbank war sehr erfolgreich und wurde zur größten Bank Österreich-Ungarns.

Albert Salomon Anselm von Rothschild übernahm die Geschäfte im Jahr 1872 und konnte aufgrund der guten Ertragslage in den Jahren 1909 bis 1912 in der Wiener Schottengasse ein Bankhaus im neoklassizistischen Stil von den Architekten Ernst von Gotthilf Miskolczy, sowie von Gustav und Franz von Neumann errichten lassen, welches auch heute noch erhalten ist. 1911 übernahm Albert Salomon Anselms Sohn, Louis Nathaniel von Rothschild, die Geschäfte.

To some degree is true but still the Bernanke argument is apparently pathetic as everything is connencted and the insane speculation bubble was part of it followed by the default of sovereigns like Germany and Austria which were the ones to start WW2 after being srewed at the end of WW1 in the peace negotiations. Amazingly the rise of Hitler Germany was financed by wallstreet with a prominent power broker being the Bush family besides Jewish Wallstreet. After the final collapse of Creditanstalt in May 1931 the Dow had its worst collapse dropping from 175 (April some insiders knew again before) to 40 in July 1932.
This time it was Lehman in Sep 08 and the sell out only lasted 7 months compared to 14 in 1932 and we never got te deep value levels at all which would have been around 8 times earnings and roughly 400 SPX. In 1932 market consolidated 10 months around 50 before the rally started even in 2003 we took roughly 9 months to build the bottom - tgis time it happened within one month and with an unprecedented weird and untypical high call accumulation at the low.
Still even I called for a low around that time (with a target of 900-1000 initially) as astrologically it was a given time frame but the pace and scope was from a fundamental point not covered at all. What is now the situation astrologically is overwhelmingly negativ as in April we have a cluster of negatve events starting on the 6th with Pluto going stationary followed by Saturn reentering Virgo, therby the time with Virgo was downbiased with the opposition to Uranus for markets in general and we will have another exact opposition on the 26th. The stationary of Pluto is exactely opositive the natal Jupiter position of USA and will likely trigger a higher level of the debt crisis for America. since even if Obama keeps painting a rosier picture about America the fact remains that a huge proportion of Americas workforce create plenty of costs and do not produce tax income hence the shortfalls in budgets will even be bigger than estimated and the initial effect of the healthcare reform does create more costs and slows the economy down initially.
The technical picture confirms that situation and by next week the correction shall begin and have initially a magnitude of roughly 10% as we should retest the 1045/50 area or the support of the 200 month MA at 1038 currently.
Why did I earlier mention Creditanstalt in comparrison to Lehman, well both may have been fabricated and controlled to some degree in order to bring markets under the control of manipulators. In the first case it was obviously Rothschild - now they are more sophisticated and refined in their techniques and are not visible publically anymore. Instead in much bigger control of governments obviously as the Lehman collapse was so obviously not neseccary due to a possible bailout by the FED instead it sems they wanted the chaos for many reasons. Many things do not make sense as letting Lehman fail and bailing out AIG counterparts on a 100 cent basis in combination with the TARP abusing Paulson / Goldman fraud with the FED PRODUCING FREE MONEY FOR WALLSTREET WITH PURCHASING JUNK FOR BUBBLE PRICES AND CREATING A STEEP YIELD CURVE. Not only can banksters finance for free but the Fed has produced most of their profits for them and still wallstreet believes they deserve the bonus pools and DC especially Obama takes that for granted (despite some pathetic public snake oil salesmanship). Not mentioning that they are allowed to hide their losses due to new accounting rules.

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