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Monday, April 19, 2010

part 2

3. Mr Blankfein's career at Goldman has come to an end with the revelations and his hubris remark about 'Gods work' - he put himself on the block.Goldman will need to put a new name on the CEO seat and rather one with a none Jewish background to change image like Paulson but they will try to do that smoothly. The elections in Britain and later in USA will keep this theme alive and Goldman has no chance to slip out of this as they did with Greece anymore
More important is though to cut to the bone of this evil structure which was not invented by Blankfein - he is only one skilled top executer of this basic fraudulent scheme wallstreet has become ( or probably ever was and I do not mean the average trader or salesman but rather the machinery ) but DC is part of it as the corporate world in general as it is run by a plutocratic bunch of families who have for some insane reasons thought for centuries that they owe the world and do not count everybody as an equal to say the least. For thousands of years slaves and servants were a very common part of those societies and only the last 100 years have changed that to some degree. This pattern is still part of the social subconscious and the democracy is still a young experiment in including the rights woman have gathered. Astonishingly does the fact that women have joint the critical mass of voters not helped to improve the democratic experiment as they are on a different scale as easy to manipulate it seems. Actually quite to the opposite as smoking women was iconed as the expression of independent woman power by one of the big masters of mass manipulation.


One of the most ludicrous claims over the past few days has been that the shady aspect of Goldman's mortgage unit operations began and ended with Fabrice Tourre, as per the SEC's complaint. The NYT's Louise Story has just disclosed the far too obvious: "By early 2007, Goldman’s mortgage unit had become a hive of intense activity. By then, the business had captured the attention of senior management. In addition to Mr. Blankfein, Gary D. Cohn, Goldman’s president, and David A. Viniar, the chief financial officer, visited the mortgage unit frequently, often for hours at a time." Louise presents a comprehensive analysis of the chronological shift in mood over US real estate among Goldman's ranks, in which it become obvious that the very heads of Goldman were instrumental in making the critical decision to part ways with Wall Street's optimistic groupthink, driven primarily by the input of Goldman salesmen who listened to hedge funds and advised the firm's executives and analysts (coupled with the input of Tourre and Egol) that some of the "smartest" money was turning bearish on real estate as early as 2006.

4. The image of Buffett as being the benchmark of morals in finance is a hypocritic myth everything he had a critical claim about has more or less done by himself. He manipulated the silver market, he took 20% profit share of his own Pool in his early career for 2 decades like the Hedge funds and he used very dangerous derivatives substantially which he claimed weapons of mass destruction. Double Tongue is one of the standard skills of the Rothschild- Rockefeller boys required to get members. Jamie Dimon is one of them since JP Morgan is - just read the pathetic arguments only 2 years after banks have brought the world into a depression and control most of DC. This gentleman gets zero financing and a steep yield-curve just to name to perks from taxpayers who produce undeserved profits - any monkey can play the CEO of that scam. He stole the pearls from Bear Stearns ( even the building was worth more than he paid for the whole firm) and left the 30 bil toxic stuff to taxpayers and calls himself working for the people or nation - comes very close to Blankfein Gods work.


JPMorgan's Dimon Warns of Overregulation

The head of JPMorgan Chase in a German newspaper interview on Sunday turned against the possibility of stricter bank regulation and asked for better access for bankers to politicians.
Jamie Dimon
Jamie Dimon

"When profits fall too sharply then capital will move somewhere else, where there is more money to be earned, for example non-regulated markets," JPMorgan Chase [JPM 45.55 -2.26 (-4.73%) ] Chief Executive Jamie Dimon said in the German mass circulation Sunday paper Welt am Sonntag.

"The question is, is that what regulators want?," said Dimon who heads the second-largest U.S. bank.

Dimon has been an outspoken critic of the Obama administration's proposed financial regulatory reforms, particularly of a proposed bailout fee on big banks which he has called a "punitive bank tax.

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