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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brainstorming Thursday - part 1

1. The market is manipulated up by all means and dirty tricks and the corrupt FED and SEC after the repulsive testimony of Greenspan yesterday shows what state of mind those criminals have. Today's testimpny of Rubin (who is one of the top terrorists) and Prince ( rather a puppet) will be quite the same way as they saw that they get away with it so easily. I think the poison of TV is even worse than I thought as the whole US nation has turned into a patato coach democracy. Swearing on the bad guys in front of a TV will not change the evil I am afraid to say.
AFTER the forced SPY short covering more criminal instances - guess who are the biggest Prime Brokers these days - right its JP Morgan and Goldman again.

From The Mail Box: AIG Goes Parabolic As Repo Desks And Prime Brokers Pull Borrow And Force Short Covering

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The "Same Manipulation Different Day" continues, as the powers that be run out of tricks to drive the market higher. Today: a well known and much abused trick to prevent market drops in desperate situations: forced covering in fins. This has culminated with a ridiculous move in AIG in the last 30 minutes of trading. From the mailbox:

"Our PB just sent us a recall notice on our entire AIG position. We had to cover before market close. We received the notification at the day lows. "

And there you have it. From the administration to State Street, from there to the Prime Brokers and various Repo Desks, and from there straight to the market which jumps on a forced cover, which is supposed to indicate that the economy is hot, hot, hot.

2. If you have not seen it yet "Capitalism: A Love Story" its about time you see it but also act on it do not let this corrupt bunch of DC puppets get away with it.

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