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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A reminder from WEB Bot a powerful computer future detecting program

If you missed an earlier release here again with an update - I can confirm by Astro patterns that a very troublesome summer is ahead, followed by more so through most of 2nd half.


We have friends who have developed a groundbreaking predictive technology which we simply call "web bot" technology developed by Cliff of The technology, which samples large portions of the public internet with an eye toward "sensing the future" based on subtle changes in language, seems to have given indications before-the-fact of a large number of major news events, including but not limited to our reports before the fact on things like:

  • 9/11
  • Sumatra/ Banda Aceh quakes
  • New Orleans Katrina/Rita
  • Cheney and his "accident"
  • Sex Scandal just coming out
  • Bushco and escalating disclosures
  • Degrading of Iraqi's and Iraqi youth rebellion against US
  • Silver exploding, followed by Gold
  • Pakistan earthquake
  • Climate change (the life-changing event)
  • The multiple extraordinary hurricanes (with another season coming like the last)
  • The increasing unpopularity of the Bush Administration leading up to the inevitable meltdown
  • Space Shuttle explosion
  • The unfolding disaster in Iraq
  • Commodity shortages with more coming this summer (2006)
  • Emerging and ongoing, oil price increases
  • Then there's the more recent China Quake warning 72-hours before events, and the forecast of a major economic crisis to arrive around October 7, 2008...
current predictions

About the predictions...

We should note here that the web bot doesn't predict the future. It predicts what most people will be saying -- what words they will be using -- when they talk about an event in the future, after it has happened.

I feel I can accurately predict what language will be showing up after a particular event in the future, but if that language is distorted or wrong, that's the language that I pick up.

It is as though we're looking through people's eyes in the future as they read the newspapers or whatever about an event. And so whatever it is they're reading is what we pick up -- not the reality of the event.

Another interesting phenomenon with the web bot is its ability to predict how strong an event will be. An event affecting a small population will show up days or weeks before it actually happens. The events of the 2004 tsunami were showing up about 8 weeks prior to the event. But one event, which has not yet happened, has been showing up for about seven years -- the collapse of the US dollar! Speaking about this Clif notes: "Yes, it's going to be huge -- planetary in fact.

What does the future hold for us?

Clif provides the report in a pdf file on his web site: and charges just ten dollars ($10) for a download. The report is an interesting read. Clif tries to put his raw data into a story and uses [brackets] to denote the actual slang that his web bot finds to describe a particular event. He also is somewhat vague about specific groups or political parties, referring to them as TPTB (The Powers That Be). There are also some apparently made-up words like SpaceGoatFarts which he uses to refer to a category of people who know certain things yet keep the knowledge to themselves.

That being said, the picture Clif paints for our immediate future is gloomy, to put it mildly.

To set the mood, the dollar dies, taking along with it the wealth of everyone who didn't invest in gold or some other commodity. It's a huge, depressing event that leaves no one unchanged. Everything starts to wind down. But this is quickly diminished by the next, even worse, thing to happen.

He speaks of the Israeli's using a bomb -- perhaps a bunker busting bomb -- on a particular target inside Iran. People will speak of this as the great "Israeli mistake" as the detonation causes an unexpected explosion which spews black smoke, contaminated with some poison that sounds like radiation, that circles the globe. Crops are damaged, wide spread famine ensues and there is a slang for a kind of "death dance" that victims of this poison perform as a result of the excruciating pain they suffer immediately before they die.

Further along in time the surviving people come to learn that certain facts have been kept from them by the TPTB. They realize they have been betrayed by people in whom they gave their votes and trust and their anger grows strong. There are riots and murders as the starving population sacks the government, kills the royalty and lays waste to the Vatican and its secret library. The latter event results in the discovery of the "real history" of humanity which is much different from what we have been told. It involves extraterrestrials who view humans "as laboratory animals" and may interested in us for malevolent reasons (It has been suggested they actually eat us to absorb some kind of glandular secretions that get them high).

But wait, there's more!

The Sun begins to enter a "ribbon" of energy that it will traverse for 20 years. Electrical grids are wiped out, the land shakes with enormous earthquakes and civilization is brought to its knees. People hide behind their doors with guns in hand. There are many innocent deaths from innocent people being shot by mistake. The government is powerless and for all practical reasons non-existent. But, despite this, humanity does continue.

Will this REALLY happen?

Clif says his predictions are twice as accurate as what chance would allow. That means he is wrong half the time. But he quantifies this by saying that the errors are mainly in the specifics of the event. As one stands back and looks at the "big picture" one will see that the general description of the event is more correct.

And let's not forget to say once again that the predictions are for the words that will be used to describe the event after it has occurred. The validity of the words with the actual event is not implied.

We can all hope that these next two years will bring about a blockbuster movie -- perhaps a sequel to "V" -- where human-eating aliens wander the streets of towns and villages, searching for starving humans who hide inside their homes to escape the radiation clouds that have killed everything on the planet. We can hope that this movie will be so popular that everyone will be talking about it, all the time, everywhere.

UPDATE: December 9, 2009

Since writing this yet another report has been issued with predictions for the coming two years. I strongly urge anyone intersted in this phenomenon to download the pdf report from as it has many details that a summary here cannot supply.

First, there is continued mention of a "Sun disease" which will impact the Earth for thousands of years to come. The Pacific tectonic plates begin to crack... hundreds of thousands of humans migrate in a diaspora because of climate changes... a third of the world is starving as the Summer of 2010 brings strange weather patterns, causing sea levels to rise and reducing the growth of crops. In the Northeast of America, the food supply disappears in less than one week!

These changes in the Earth's climate and weather will replace the global anxiety over the collapsed dollar and will cause riots and roaming groups of hungry people to oppose the government and powers that have allowed this to happen without warning. Eventually everyone is quite angry at politicians, the elite, royalty and even clergy. Things get so bad that the Vatican is looted and the Pope is stripped naked in public and the ties of religious leaders with "devil worship" are exposed.

By early 2010 it is obvious that all of Obama's efforts to save the economy and regain employment are worthless. Then some facts about the secret military "black ops" and projects are leaked in such a way that they are obvious. People then realize how they have been fooled about what has been going on for a long time. Things like "free energy" and our knowledge of aliens is revealed along with the complicity of our leaders that has resulted in thousands of lives being lost and even greater human suffering.

This brings about a revolution -- but one in which the public revolts from the knowledge of what their leaders have done to them.

There is more and, once again, I highly recommend reading the actual report. But right now I am going to the local bulk food store and stocking up on 50 pound bags of rice, dried potato mix and canned veggies!

and now the recent one updated

Web Bot Predictions

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George Noory


George Ure, Clif High

George Ure & Clif High presented predictions about the economy, and U.S. and world events for the summer of 2010 and beyond. Their predictions are based on High's Web Bot technology which gives archetype descriptors of future events by tracking language pattern changes within Internet discussions forums. Here are some of the highlights of what they see coming:

  • No warfare between Israel and Iran, at least not until November.

  • Six very large earthquakes are yet to come during the rest of 2010.

  • A major tipping point will occur between November 8th – 11th, 2010, followed by a 2-3 month release period. This tipping point appears to be US-centric, and could be a dramatic world-changing event like 9-11 that will have rippling after-effects. The collapse of the dollar might occur in November.

  • From July 8th, 2010 onward, civil unrest will take place, possibly driven by food prices skyrocketing, and the devaluation of the dollar.

  • A second depression, triggered by mass layoffs, bankruptcies, and the popping of the "derivatives bubble," will see people moving out of cities.

  • After March 2011, the revolution wave will settle down into a period of reformation.

  • A "data gap" has been found between early 2012 running through May 2013. One explanation is that "our civilization gets knocked back to a pre-electronic state," such as brought about by devastating solar activity.

  • A new benign form of capitalism will emerge during 2017-2020.


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