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Friday, April 30, 2010

part 2

3. Astro pattern shows (yesterdays full moon in square to Mars - combined with Uranus Saturn opposition) that the austerity deal will put Greece on the brink of civil war and trigger wild protests and outrage. The 6pack Greece Joe will pay the price for corruption by higher taxes and wage cuts. It is not a solution to go for this pathetic IMF plan which is nothing but a backdoor bailout of European banks again and will not help the country at all rather push it into a deeper crisis. Restructuring by a moratorium ( chapter 11 like) with austerity which makes sense is the only way to go but EU leaders will bribe Greece leaders to go for their version. We are pretty much repeating the same pattern as 1931 and are heading for the same results hyperinflation and WW3 are inevitable on this path. The package is reaching 140 bil as 20 bil will go into a bank stabilization fund and no one in the EU can afford to pay basically but still the taxpayer gets burdened again with the losses of banks.

4. America has a similar agenda as it is 2tril alone this year that is why no central bank can raise rates since it immediately would trigger a crash - the irresponsible part is rather that some SOB manipulator fabricate the rally to trap retail investors.

With $2 Trillion In 3 Year Funding Needs By the PIIGS, The IMF Is Helpless To Do Anything But Sit Back And Watch

Total PIIGS funding needs (defined as the sum of debt maturities and budget deficits) over the next 3 years amount to $2 trillion. Total PIIGS funding needs in 2010 alone amount to $600 billion. Total IMF bail out capacity: around $700 billion. Sorry - it simply does not compute.

Below is a table summarizing the funding needs of just the PIIGS.

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