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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

part 2 - some more fairytales

3. Did not all EU top officials declare the Greece problem was solved - strange the magic trick seem to have failed.


Greece Observes Plunge In Bonds, Panics, Backtracks on Demand to Remove IMF From Bailout Group, Issues Statement

The insane asylum has issued a statement. G-Pap has seen that his country would be Friendo'ed if Greece does not agree to austerity (which was part of the original agreement but whatever) and so has issued the following statement: "Responding to questions by journalists regarding actions taken by Greece to change the recent EU summit aid mechanism, the Greek Finance Minister clarified that there has not been any action on behalf of our country to change the terms of the recent EU Summit agreement." In the meantime rich Greeks have likely moved pretty much all their domestic deposits to some other Goldman Sachs controlled provenance.

4. Why are foreclosures rising did not Obama ,Summers and Geithner say no recession anymore Goldilocks are back - again weird the claims of this highly prudent and transperant authorities seem to get misinfomed by their stuff. Since the job market has turned interest rates are at zero for ever why the hack are foreclosures rising - keep wondering?


Foreclosures Are Rising

By: Diana Olick
CNBC Real Estate Reporter

Foreclosed Home
Foreclosed Home

The new foreclosure wave is here.

Yes, banks are ramping up loan modifications and ramping up short sales and ramping up deeds in lieu of foreclosure, but the plain fact is that as the systems are oiled, the loans are moving through faster, and the pig in the python is showing its face.

We won't get the numbers until next week, but sources tell me they will likely be a new monthly record.

Tens of thousands of loans have been hitting the "notice of trustee sale" bin, and that means they are coming to foreclosure.

The actual foreclosure numbers have been down recently because of all the modification efforts, but as we see more loans not qualifying for modifications and more loans defaulting on modifications, the foreclosure numbers rise.

And this is just the beginning.

All the uniform policies and practices that the government has put in place, whether on modifications or short sales, will quicken the process. Foreclosures, which can now take 2 years plus to complete, will happen in less than a year, start to finish.

Clearly the Administration knew of the impending rise in foreclosures, as it revamped its modification, refinance and short sale programs last month, increasing incentives all around and pushing for principal write down. The big question of course is how will the new wave affect home prices, especially in the hardest hit markets.

I pushed Fannie Mae's chief economist Doug Duncan on this in an interview today on the mortgage giant's new National Housing Survey. He cited the over 5 million mortgages out there that are seriously delinquent, and said that while the 30-day delinquencies seem to have peaked, "certainly some of the foreclosure backlogs are working their way through the system at this point." He also said home prices will dip again before hitting bottom later this year.

Yesterday we saw a big bump in the Realtors' Pending Home Sales Index, but my sources tell me that was largely driven by contracts on short sales, which have a far lower rate of closing than regular sale contracts. Estimates are that only about 35 percent of short sale contracts go to closing versus 80 percent of conventional sale contracts.

5. Manipulators playing hardball by creating artificial short squeeze - they seem to run out of tricks to push the market higher


Pulling All Stops To Force A Melt Up: SPY Hard To Borrow Again

It seems like it was just a year ago when we noted the first instance of SPY becoming hard to borrow. Well, it was. To wit, from April 22, 2009:

Developing story: Traders confirm several locations indicating SPDRs are no longer automatic borrow and have made their way to the Hard To Borrow list: pre-borrow call is needed versus automatic short prior, as not enough underlying inventory.

Have fun hedging the market when you can not short. Wholesale market squeeze is being orchestrated.

We just obtained confirmation that anyone who clears through Merrill Prime is getting a Hard To Borrow notification for the SPY once again. And so State Street and the BoNY guys come out guns blazing once again, to make sure it is impossible to short the market on today's Fed day. What is it with the market and HTB lists in April? At least market neutral funds are having a field day as they are forced to unwind in droves.

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