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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poland's Role in WW III?- some aspects you might never have heard about yet

I highly doubt that the wipeout of the Polish elite was just a random accident - the President was not beloved by the public at all but more importantly was pressing for the plan to install the rocket shield system America wants to deploy which was and is a huge problem for Russia. Below you will find some evidence of things who do not confirm the media reporting at all that it was an accident. It goes even far beyond that and draws parallels to the situation which triggered WW1 and anticipates that this might trigger besides other things WW3. As I have written a few times in earlier posts that at some point in the near future such an event is anyway the only way out for the people in charge as the economic situation is so bad that it can not be cured with the Voodoo propaganda measures they are trying to sell to the public. The insane debt situation with the demographic nuke for all social systems who are bankrupt but soon will not be able to deny it anymore can only be 'solved' by the distraction of a war. The Fact that chief commander Patraeus was sent to Bloomberg prime time market coverage to declare that Iran is his biggest headache and only one year left til they have a nuke capability says it all.
Too many obscure facts are revealed which could trigger revolution and civil war going forward starting from one of the biggest scams in history with fake Gold to the wrecking of global economies by criminal vampires like Goldman ( who are just a little part of the cabal). Henry Ford said 100 years ago if public would completely understand what the financial system is doing to them revolution would start the same day.


It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
Henry Ford

Poland's Role in WW III?

I'll depart from my usual review of general, albeit economics-related news this morning because there's something I want to zoom-in on with you: I've got good news for you - and bad.

Talked to my friend and predictive linguistics guru Cliff on Tuesday and the way things are lining up it is starting to look like the really really BIG tipping point in the linguistics November 8-14 of this year (remembering our last big tipping point was 9/11 which set off the current round of warring and the rise of the national security state) is shaping more toward WW III than anything else. Oh - and my own research into the Shape of Things to Come report's references to an old-time socialist may be rhyming with Jean Jaurès, for reasons that should become apparent in a moment. But, instead of starting in the middle of the story, let's click back to the here & now and read up the latest dispatch from our correspondent in Poland:

"Hello George

You might wonder, how many things can happen in 24 hours,and I'll answer you-more than you can imagine, especially if we're talking about these hours in a beheaded country.

Just few notes today:

Flight procedures are strong and shall be taken seriously when it's about Air Force One, d'oh?

Only people whose names are on the checklist shall be allowed to enter the plane...than how come there are two bodies in a wreck which are identified but were not on the list and nobody knows who are these people?

(Link to Polish source)

The peaceful mourning is over from the moment when it was announced that bodies of our first pair will be buried in a national sanctuary in Wawel, Cracow-what is more intriguing in the same crypt where Pilsudzki lies-and I think I mentioned this guy somewhere earlier.

Anyway, some people are strongly opposed to this idea and are organising protests-calling for a revolt if they won't succeed:

(Another source translation page)

Some say they're not patriots:

(And another source cite)

[Pay attention here! Things get even weirder about here - G]

Do you hear the gunshots on this amateur movie recorded right after the crash?

(Link to what may be Poland's Grassy Knoll footage)

The Bible Code asked about the crash is quite...well...

(Polish speculation about events as Bible Code attack)

Yeah, everything is just fine here.

Well, let's see here, what large roughly 100-year-ago events would come close to the potential of this one to set off a world war?

Are we the only ones that remember World War I? So let's see how well history rhymes in the coming months rhyme with the events leading into WW I.

If the Polish presidential plane crash (which took out their central bank president, who was no friend of the West's "easy money and we'll own you' policies from what I've read) is analogous to the tragedy of the April 10 crash.

Our first temporal marker to be looking for might be a rhyme on the assassination of a leading socialist, Jean Jaurès, which occurred on July 31, 1914, just 25 days after the Archduke Ferdinand was killed, which is you dozed off in that class was June 28, 1914.

While the linguistics point to a Frenchman and a Wild Colleen in the coming period, I'm not so sure it couldn't turn out to be something like a rhyme on the French socialist leader getting popped which was 25-days after the Archduke was capped.

And then there's the problem of historical rhymes: They are never exact. So as I was reading up on how Jean Jaurès was a left/socialist and therefore a labor leader and also anti-militarist, a rhyme today could go completely the opposite -- to a pro-militarist, hardliner, of the right, who's a corporatist too...25-days after Poland's plane crash. Place your bets?

I've circled the May 5/6 timeframe for that and know what the scary part of that is? That's when (coincidentally I sure hope!) our linguistic "building tension values" go nearly vertical.


Most people won't remember enough history to see how closely aligned Polish interests are with Austrian interests, and although smaller in size today, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569-1795) was a hugely power part of central Europe.

And how does all this fit in with modern-day events? Aha! For some reason, the ancient Polish empire included lands from which legends of things like vampires and such came from. The reason these figure into our tale is that vampires were large, powerful, came out only at night and had an appetite for human blood.

Now, if you read your L. Austine Waddell books about the Aryan types (and related chalky skin, undergrounds, sunlight averse superhumans who are reputed to be going off planet about how) we could take a real turn out into the vast fields of woo woo and get totally lost. So, instead, we will click back to looking at what could come next, if the Polish plane crash sets off a larger sequence of events to come...


So the next date after the Archduke's death of major consequence on the road to Total War, comes on August 1, 1914 - 34 days after the murder and close enough to 33 to be worth noticing on the way by. This is the date that Germany declares war on Russia.

What might a modern analog be? Oh, maybe some declaration of war between countries (your guess is as good as mine since we're so far off into the speculative weeds at this point) would be a day or two either side of May 13, 2010.


Penciling out a little more of this potential rhyme we can look at the date of the Polish plane crash (4/10/2010) and look at the period from 11/8/2010 to 11/14/2010 which is the date of the major release language and tipping point in the predictive linguistics for this fall.

The low end of the date range would be 212 days from the plane crash date while the high end would be 218 days.

So we go back to the assassination of the Archduke and the declaration of war by Germany. We know that we've got this huge - bigger than anything we have seen before in modelspace in the predictive linguistics coming up November 8-14 of this year, so where do we go in rhyme-seeking mode? The calculations, please?

Archduke death + 212 days 1/26/1915
Archduke death + 218 days 2/1/1915
German War declar. +212 3/1/1915
German War declar. +218 3/7/1915

Lots of dates and ways to arrange things, but the only really safe generalization is that in this period is when the German U-Boat campaign against shipping was being escalated in intensity.

About now, you're possibly asking yourself, what would the modern analog be in terms of public fears? If the U-Boats were the weapon of public fear then, what is our modern analog? My guess? ICBM's.


A lot of people misunderstand the predictive linguistics project, thinking that somehow Cliff can 'zoom-in' on whatever he feels like, down to the point where he gets seen by (delusional) people are some kind of guru who owes them answers about every choice in life. Unfortunately, about as small a group as we get would be on the order of a few millions, and occasionally a stand-out group of a hundred thousand might be possible. But individual stuff? No chance in hell.

On the other hand, on the really BIG stuff, like tipping points (coming this fall) the track record seems above chance so I'd be looking for a series of skirmishes and demands to be made this summer and the whole world facing degeneration into war in November, at least if I had to place a bet this morning.

If you know where to look, there are clues all over the place. Like the one in this letter from a reader under the subject line "Radiation Observation":

"Just a general observation ...

I've kept a 'Gamma Scout' radiation detector on my desk for a little over 10 years, checking levels whenever I happened to look up from my work.

For the first few years I noticed that the background radiation levels only rarely rose above ~0.08 µSv (micro-Sieverts) and only once did I briefly see levels at the 0.12 µSv level.

This is a very low level, as I'm sure you already know.

However, during the past 2-3 years I've noticed that average levels, while still very low, were slowly rising, and over the past 6 months the rate of rise has appeared to increase to the point that the average background level now appears to be about 0.15 µSv and I've seen peak levels about 0.23 µSv.

I've gone through enough tests to assure myself that I'm not reading radon levels, nor are other strictly local radiation sources affecting my readings.

Wrapping the meter in several layers of heavy duty Al foil, leaving only the meter face clear, don't seem to affect either average nor peak levels to any apparent degree. This basically rules out Alpha and Beta radiation.

While I thought you'd find this mildly interesting, I'm not sure you should publish this as the general run of sheeple may become alarmed."

Just an increase in the general background? Perhaps. Or, could it be something like the global spread of eventually toxic dust from all that depleted uranium used in the Middle East that no one is talking about with any seriousness? Could be. Maybe something else, like getting closer to the galactic ecliptic? Well, that, maybe, too. Might want to start a chart...just in case we get really nonlinear here come the middle of November, just for example.


Trouble with all this is: A nuclear war would account for a whole bunch of linguistic change: "The Gap" in the data, all the dead people globally (numbers I'm too polite to mention in modelspace that would curdle your Cheerios with trailing zeroes). So, yeah, CPI is interesting, earthquakes are significant, and that galactic ecliptic is good copy.

But, by my work, and supported by a chart of an inflation-corrected Dow and other averages since the absolute top of financial indices on a purchasing power basis, on January 14, 2000.

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