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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Propaganda as good as it gets

I did not read the article to be honest but just such a cover speaks volume for iştself as we evidently have no reason to make such a statement - not that I would be glad if any such situation were to be expected or had materialized unfortunatly this is another mean off brainwashing and propaganda as Americans are already spending money from their savings to keep up the spending spree. The medicine is bitter to take but the only way is to cut spending dramatically for the government and every single household except the 1 % which hold over 90 % of the wealth which is the steepest amplitude in wealth distribution globally. This is always the time than revolutions and unrest starts as it happened almost exactly 100 years ago. The only formal difference back then democracy had not been established in most parts of the world and the Rothschild agenda was still to change the power balance to their side by establishing so called democracies as they sponsored communism in order to draw down the remaining kingdoms as the masses are easier to control than single emperors with an own agenda. Now a new Plutocracy has been established where a tiny elite runs the governments or countries to their interest. The cover version of democracy still exists but has been undermined to the max as Orwell's police state or a modern fascism has been established.
America is not back - or probably it is but rather to the point where Americans fought for their independence for the land of the free which it is about to loose.
Its rather cynical to make such a claim with over 20% not being employed or underemployed.

 Chart of Official U-3, U-6 and Alternate Unemployment Rate

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