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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Astro special - a volatile top is forming

Well it appears that the Mars/Sun conjunction still active (for 48h at least) as they move in close speed, has with the New Moon effect triggered a powerful final drive as the NDX makes to day a 13 count the Dow goes for the 12. This will be stopped at the latest by the Full Moon in opposition to Neptun on the 18th which goes together with a powerful Jupiter Saturn opposition at the 23rd. The research off Merriman shows that this Sun/Mars effect has a valid history of volatile moves especially as it happens to be in Aquarius this time we can see Apple climb to new all time highs.

But there is the matter of the history of the Sun-Mars conjunction. As stated before, it oftentimes ends trends of 10+% in stock markets, and quite often begins 10% counter-trend moves. The orb of time can be as much as 4 weeks.

Today we are back on very bullish grounds as the ISE call/put ratio is around 200 again as it should be around a top and volume is very low with other indicators not confirming a real momentum to the upside. 
The other astro event which happens every 20 years is heliocentric Jupiter Saturn opposition last time was July 1990 where the Dow dropped from around 3000 to 2350 within 3 months.


There is a Heliocentric Nuclear Clash in February. Saturn and Jupiter will form an Heliocentric opposition that will PEAK and be exact at 2:29 AM GMT, on February 23. Both the days before and after this peak are very problematic days. 

Heliocentric Saturn/Jupiter oppositions occur only once in 20 years and makes February a particularly bad month for you to natalize anything important because whatever you natalize will be born with a Nuclear Clash. 

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