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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

part 3

4. Coming back to the technical and astro picture as we seem to have made an high at the phong Full Moon opposite Neptun and we are running now into the meaga clash pattern on the 23rd and another one on 25th after the Venus Saturn square at the WE we are due for more dramatic events in Lybia and elsewhere.
We were above monthly Boll levels in most indices and opened theweek with gaps down which remain in place so far and likely we have seen the high in the exoected window but in order to confirm we need to close below 1300 SPX not because its a big round number but to break below the uptrend support since Aug. which happens to be at that level. LAst time we had the Major clash Patter  ( heliocentric Jupiter Saturn opposition ) was back in July 1990 which triggered a 25% decline wi,th a similar event as Saddam invaded Kuweit and Guldf War 1 followed in August. As Gadaffi has no intentions to let go and has already shown how determined he is to fight ( ruthless to say the least) for his power. Usa has almost no grip on his military compared to Egypt as Italy has the closest relationship and Berlusconi rather kiƟsses Gadaffis hand he has plenty to loose. This fight will escalate and rather get ugly as the Rothschild have to gain a lot of oil interest here and the Gadaffi clan will not get the smooth treatment of Mubarak who was an ally of those forces trying to establish a NWO (New world order). After the close I will make a more detailed technical analysis how this wave should work out but the bulls got trapped on Friday that looks save to say so far.

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