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Friday, February 4, 2011

brainstorming friday

1. Markets look resilent don't they (except for some of the top performers of last year as Turkey and Brazil) well its perfectly explainable by astrological terms but without going into details those benign effects come to an end this weekend except for one but that one rather I will explain in a separate post. As a matter of fact the SOX  keeps the 12 weekly count so far and the DAX has made the 13 supporting the imminent correction scenario. The middle east goes into times of big trouble as besides Egypt we have elections in Turkey in June which will destabilize the situation even further as they are all connected. Turkey aspired to become a power player in the Middle East and is another scenario where America has lost control hence they will tend with Israel to destabilize the current government and support opposition in order to weaken them as more dictatorships set up by The USA implode a huge power vacuum presents a chance for a new power player. China and Russia will support rather that momentum as they can try to gather control over the worlds oil reserves and other commodities. Another cold war time of set up is in the making and will escalate in the next 1-4 years to dramatic terms to say the least. On the other end its exactly the scenario the banksters and their global cabal members are heading for as the only way to get rid of all the toxic debt is by creating a war to destruct attention on them and put things into new order (NWO). Iran is a big benificiary of the situation since now a strike against them would be a huge mistake and increase the hate against them in the whole Islamic world as plenty Islamic dictatorships have imploded even the Saudis have to be very delicate now the whole power balance is on the edge.

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Must Read: Standard Chartered Issues The Definitive Report On Global Inflation And Its Miscontents

Every now and then, Standard Chartered has a knack for coming up with that one report that is miles ahead of the competition and promptly becomes the definitive guidebook for the industry. Its most recent one:"Inflation: illusionary, inflammatory" is arguably one of the most detailed and comprehensive reports to come out from an institutional entity in a long time, dealing with the ever so sensitive topic of, you guessed it, inflation. And while it is guaranteed that the Fed will read neither this report, nor today's earlier announcement that food prices hit another all time high in January, we urge all readers to at least familiarize themselves with the contents herein. In addition to providing a case by case geographic atlas of which the next riskiest Tunisia-like countries are, the report includes a unifying thematic overview that explains not only why the global liquidity glut is long overdue to be pulled back, but what the next (and last) steps available to central bankers are before a wave of global unrest undoes 100 years of failed Federal Reserve policies. An absolute must read.

Obama Scrambling To Replace One Crony Egyptian Government With Another

Just out from the NYT:
The Obama administration is discussing with Egyptian officials a proposal for President Hosni Mubarak to resign immediately, turning over power to a transitional government headed by Vice President Omar Suleiman with the support of the Egyptian military, administration officials and Arab diplomats said Thursday.
In other words, the formerly biggest spook of the Middle East, and quite possibly a former CIA asset, is about to become president, under the auspices of a US-endorsed "democratic" transition, which does nothing but replace one crony regime with another. It is disturbing that the US administration does not comprehend that the Egyptian people are sufficiently intelligent to see just how superficial this proposed "regime change" is.

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