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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

brainstorming wednesday

1. Poor try to hide his insider network con by taking a deliberate hit of 20-30 mio by Steve Cohen even a 6 year old does understand such a simple trick.Anyway the SEC will take that as evidence he was a lucky SOB in earlier bets as a cover up scheme.


Stevie Cohen's Red Herring Plan Works As Orexigen Gets Slaughtered By The FDA

When we observed Stevie Cohen's odd and sudden purchase of 5% of OREX stock, announced in the last minutes of trading yesterday, we speculated that either this was another blatant attempt by the man with the golden touch to purchase shares in a company which would come up with the golden grail: a drug for obesity, or "we would not be surprised if this is the first, maybe of many, red herrings thrown by the legendary hedge fund manager to indicate that he does not have a 100% batting average when it comes to predicting FDA outcomes." Well, it was the latter. OREX just got the worst news possible and the stock is about to open 60-80% lower. This will be a ~$20 million loss for the Connecticut man. One wonders, more than ever, what is the quid pro quo?

2. One of Obamas big success claims that he finally reformed the US healthcare is declared void by Court. It is a bit tiring to repeat his failures or rather deliberate moves into nowhere but we always should keep in mind that any other president of the ones in the close race does obey the same masters. After all 80 % of Obamas top crew are Jewish with strong links to Israel or Rockefeller / Rothschild  from Axelrod over Emmanuel to Summers the latter 2 have been replaced but that is camouflage at best. The same people who run DC for the last 30 years at least have proven to suck on all levels as America is in a constant mess with increasing parameters towards ultimate disaster. In Egypt it took the people 30 years to stand up against it but the comfort zone in USA is far higher with only 45 mio collecting foodstamps and plenty living on free rent in the foreclosure mess. The Jewish run FED who never saw it coming and has as a single remedy to print worthl┼čess money to completely bankrupt US middleclass as commodity prices are sky-rocketing around the world which soon will hit the hyperinflation mode in full scale.

Florida Judge Declares Entire Healthcare Law Void

After a month and a half ago, a Virginia Judge found a key provision of the healthcare law unconstitutional, today Judge Roger Vinson from the federal district court in Florida has found the entire healthcare law void. "I must reluctantly conclude that Congress exceeded the bounds of its authority in passing the Act with the individual mandate," Vinson writes. "Because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire Act must be declared void."

3. Goldman pathetic O' Neill still pushing clients into the disaster zone with his foul claims. Interesting though why he mingled Iran into that list of countries who have no chance except 2-3 to live up to the glory they do predict.We are in historic new land never before has globalization been the mass robbery of the global middle class by establishing global negative interest rates hence banks can steal on a daily basis from them legally as the governements increase the stealing process by increasing taxes fees or other inventions with fancy names to take away hard earned worthless money.

Paging Jim O'Neill: It Is Time To Revise The N-11

About half a year ago, after it became painfully clear that the BRIC concept was dead (which has since become quite obvious with surging inflation and liquidity tightening across the board, and markets in China, India and Brazil reacting appropriately), the man who was subsequewntly sent to exlie to manage Goldman's cloaca division, the GSAM which carries about the same clout on Wall Street as Bank of Lynch, penned the term "N-11." Supposedly, these were the countries that were expected to carry the world to the next massive leverage induced consumption boom. As a reminder: here are the countries: Bangladesh, Vietnam, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines, Mexico, Turkey, Korea. Well... make that N-10 now... And soon to be N-0, as the policies of Jim's drinking buddy, Gen(ocide) Ben, become fully transparent to the developing world. That said, the N-11 list (RIP) is a great indicator of where speculator should be bidding all CDS to the limit up hilt (we jest... obviously CDS has no limit up locks... Unlike rice - which just hit one).

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