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Thursday, February 10, 2011

part 3

5. Rumor says Mubarak will resign tonight - which if true could trigger a 24h spike but as the stars tell the real trouble is still ahead. After all Mubarak resigning would just start some chaos of which a new Egypt will be born but there is a lot at stake with Israel's biggest Arab back up to be lost they will try to establish also from the American side a 'friendly force' - which will not be easy at all. Actually looking at the stars I rather think even if they can squeeze someone in its not for long. Apple is not finished yet counting an 11 today hence we need at least 1 higher close after today to complete this cycle. 


CAIRO—Egyptian military and ruling-party officials say President Hosni Mubarak will speak to the nation soon and meet the demands of protesters.
Protesters are insisting Mr. Mubarak step down immediately.
The ruling party chief, Hossan Badrawy, said he had spoken with Mr. Mubarak and asked him to step aside. The Egyptian president is expected to address the nation and make an announcement that will satisfy protesters' demands, Mr. Badrawy said.
State television reported that army officers were meeting to discuss taking control. Military officials say the armed forces' supreme council has been meeting and will soon issue a communiqué that they, too, say will meet the protesters' demands.
A military officer also told protesters that the army is ready to support their demands.

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